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Salon Reopens After 2 Days Following Slow Burn Fire

Salon Reopens After 2 Days Following Slow Burn Fire

Rainbow International Derby West were recently instructed to carry out fire restoration on a salon in the Nottinghamshire area.

The fire took place in the early hours of Friday 15th March. Rainbow Derby West were on-site the same day to carry out an initial inspection of the property.

It was established that the entire downstairs of the building, four rooms in total, had been extensively affected by the slow burn fire that is believed to have started due to an arson attack.

“Thank you for quickly helping my business to reopen. I don’t know what I would have done without your help.”

Rainbow Derby West’s work scope on this property included; itemising and disposing of damaged contents, cleaning contents on-site and decontamination of carpets, upholsteries, walls and ceilings.

Severe damage could be seen on the contents, including equipment that was worth thousands of pounds, and to the building itself, including the floor coverings and ceilings.

Due to the nature of the fire, with heavy soot and odour damage, items from the property had to be examined individually by the technicians.

The team helped the business owner create a safe entrance to the upper floor so that the items required to get the salon up and running again could be cleaned and moved upstairs so they could continue with business as usual.