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Facilities Management From Rainbow International

Take the stress off of your shoulders and focus on what matters when you trust Rainbow International to handle your business’ facilities management needs.

Expert Facilities Management

Rainbow International’s expert facility management services in the UK have been designed to make your business as successful as possible. We do not compromise on maintaining standards – both yours and our own — and we ensure that all moving parts are maintained and kept running smoothly.


Tailored Solutions as Individual as Your Business

We can offer a tailored facilities management solution that is individual to your business, we have a whole host of specialist services we can deliver, any time of the day – we work around you and your business.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on how our specialist services can help you keep your facilities clean and while leaving a good impression on clients as well as inspectors.

Customer Testimonials

Very Efficient service, extremely friendly staff & very polite. Also very quick response times to queries.

Policy Holder, UK

Facilities Management Services Across the UK

Rainbow International’s facilities management services are designed to ensure your business can focus on what truly matters, without compromising your potential for future success.

The team knows what it takes to be the top facility management provider in the UK. Working tirelessly to provide a wide range of support services, we are well-versed in the importance of creating that fantastic first impression by leaving everything sparkling from our cleaning services.

We have earned a reputation for our industry-leading facilities management services, becoming one of the UK’s largest providers within the sector. As our cleaning and hygiene standards are able to meet any building maintenance standards and ensure your business is consistently reaching the targets needed.


Maintenance services can be challenging, but Rainbow International guarantees a flexible approach to all of our facilities management services. Compliant with core business requirements and outperforming the top facilities management companies, our engineers and other team members all work together to create a seamless service for you to enjoy. 

Thanks to our extensive network across the UK, your business will be supported and reinforced by our industry knowledge that covers all corners of health and safety, building maintenance and facilities services, wherever you are in the UK. 

Contact Rainbow International today to learn more about our UK-wide services.

Rainbow's Facilities Management Services

Rainbow International’s top facilities management services have been tried and tested over the last few decades. Thanks to our expertly led teams and processes, we can offer these facilities management services to any business.

Our engineers are committed to providing the very best service and are passionate about finding the most effective solutions so you get the most out of your investment. Trained to the highest of standards, our specialists are not only passionate, but they are ambitious in their aims to keep your business running, allowing you to keep your attention on what matters most to you. 

Our teams of specialists are also fully trained in working with a variety of tools and systems that are designed to reach any level of health and safety standards. 

From here, Rainbow International’s facilities management services will tailor solutions to your business so the approach and work completed are entirely individual to your requirements. It is this approach that has allowed us to become a trusted provider of facilities management services.

All businesses are different and will require different levels and approaches to facilities management. That is why Rainbow International has worked to provide a wide range of services that can be adapted to suit any unique needs of any type of business.

Take a look at the specialist services you can take full advantage of, below.

  • Commercial Deep Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • High Access Cleaning
  • Waste Management
  • Workroom Cleaning
  • Blast Cleaning
  • Public Area and Street Cleaning
  • Waste Disposal
  • Bacterial Control
  • Air Purification
  • Carpet and Hardfloor cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Accidental damage restoration

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Why Choose Rainbow International?

At Rainbow International, we do not just expertly manage your facilities with expert processes and professional equipment and approaches. We also utilise our vast experience and knowledge across all of our teams to identify elements that may benefit from improvement. 

Going above and beyond at every opportunity, any business that has Rainbow International working on its facilities management can be sure that our solutions will bring success and results that can be felt across the business. 

Choosing Rainbow International’s facilities management services means that your business will benefit from the very latest technology needed to drive better results that directly translate into further success for your business. 

You’ll also be able to feel how passionate we are about exceeding your expectations as we work with you to understand what your business needs, and how your employees and customers will be affected by our work. It’s this understanding that allows us to create a service for your business that takes into account what is most important to your business and everyone involved. 

Our expertise is also seen in our extensive knowledge of health and safety standards across industries. Whether your business operates out of a warehouse, a kitchen or a retail store, Rainbow International know how to ensure your business will pass any inspection and be the best possible workplace for your employees to enjoy.

We know that one size does not fit all businesses, so when you decide to work with Rainbow International and take advantage of our end-to-end facilities management services, you’ll feel completely looked after and be left with a result that no other company could replicate.

No matter what your business requires from facilities management services, get in touch with Rainbow International. Whether you’re looking for a decontamination service, a fresh cleaning of the premises or more specific services such as graffiti removal or air purification, our specialist engineers are ready to help. 

Is your business in need of expertly-led facilities management services? Perhaps you need to rely on professionals to tick all the boxes so you can keep your focus on success instead. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to get the most out of Rainbow International’s specialists, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Wherever you are in the UK, our extensive network is happy to chat with you about how Rainbow International is able to support your business and implement top facilities management services.

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