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Going Above and Beyond for Vulnerable Customers

Going Above and Beyond for Vulnerable Customers

In late 2022, one of our technicians, Dave Hawkins worked on a clearing, drying, sanitising and decontamination job for a vulnerable customer’s flooded basement. This resulted in him ordering, delivering and installing the required new appliances, as well as building 2x 2ft wooden platforms that raised the new appliances off the ground.

The final liability for the water damage in the basement sat with the water company, but Dave got agreement from the loss adjuster to do some additional work to help the customers, going above and beyond normal service for the elderly husband and wife.

Facing significant damage, piles of wood lying around and a written off fridge / freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer, the customers were left with their access to functional appliances restricted as well as the mess in what was a highly functional room for them.

Whilst the insurer cash settled the appliances, the customers were still left in a difficult situation due to their mobility issues and lack of internet access.

The husband is able to walk down to the basement, but cannot bend down easily and is unsteady on his feet. It was also believed that the wife was either unable to walk or extremely limited in her walking capacity. Both customers are in their 90s and do not engage with the internet, making it very difficult to order their new appliances.

Their mobility issues and wider vulnerabilities were flagged by Dave, in accordance with our internal ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ training. Dave identified that if the basement flooded again in future, the customers would be in a very similar situation, if not worse, as their mobility limitations may grow with time.

With agreement from the loss adjuster, Dave built 2x 2ft wooden platforms off the floor of the basement to raise the appliances.

Dave also then went on to assist with the ordering of the appliances, their delivery and then their proper installation.

This not only offered the customers increased safeguarding against floods, but it also helps them on a day to day basis. The husband’s mobility issues are greatly minimised having the appliances raised, meaning he doesn’t need to bend down as often when doing household chores.

This small but powerful act of customer service helped to both put the customer at ease as well as making their daily life easier.

It also has the high potential to help minimise financial cost and further emotional damage in future flood situations. It is probable that this customer won’t need to write off their appliances next time there is a flood event, benefitting all parties.

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