Underground Leak Detection

Find and fix an underground water leak with Rainbow International’s expertise and specialist teams and equipment.

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Rainbow’s Underground Leak Detection Services

A water leak underground can cause catastrophic damage if not handled quickly with expertise. If you’ve found evidence of an underground water pipe leak, you need a specialist to detect and confirm it’s an underground leak.

Despite the complexity behind a water leak that’s underground – the solutions don’t always have to be invasive and costly. Rainbow International’s specialists will use a variety of detection methods to pinpoint the location of the underground leak and find the most effective solution.

Can you locate a leak that’s underground?

From mains water supply lines, sewage pipes, and underfloor heating pipes, there are a number of potential sources of a leak.

Underground water leaks are relatively common, as almost every single home has a variety of these pipes running underneath them. By hiring a specialist to evaluate the situation and determine the cause and solution – the detected leak can be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent excessive damage and costs.

Experts At Rainbow International Detect Underground Water Leaks

Detecting the location of a leak underground can be done by specialists through two different methods – invasive and non-invasive.

By using professional leak detection equipment, Rainbow International’s expert team can use the following techniques to detect, locate and confirm an underground leak:

Acoustic Testing

Finding a leak underground by using specialist equipment, acoustic testing is less invasive and allows Rainbow International’s experts to hear where the water is leaking from. They’re trained to know what leaks sound like and the type of material it’s surrounding.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging underground leak detection is another non-invasive method. Highly sensitive cameras can track underground pipes carrying hot or cold water and detect a leak within the floor quickly.

Tracer Gas

A tracer gas made up of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen is used by Rainbow International experts; to detect underground leaks in a non-invasive way. By injecting the gas into the pipe system, any gas that escapes the pipes is detected by equipment – revealing the source of the water leak.

Pipe Tracing

Underground pipes can be more difficult to trace, given how inaccessible they are. Using a variety of specialist equipment, different types of pipes can be traced and tracked throughout your home, including what they’re carrying.

Found a leak underground, or need a specialist to detect one?

If you suspect there’s an underground leak, it’s essential to resolve it quickly if you want to avoid further damage.

Get in touch with Rainbow International to speak with a specialist who can support you with your underground water leak.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of different signs of an underground water leak including:

  • A decrease in water pressure
  • Particles of dirt appearing in your water flow
  • Cracked concrete slabs or paved ground
  • An unexplained or sudden increase in water usage and bills=
  • Visible potholes
  • Nasty smells



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