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Pipe Tracing and Leak Detection from Rainbow

Discovered unusual wet patches or standing water on your property? You need to act now. These are telltale signs of a leak, and without access to specialist equipment, detecting and tracing underground pipes is next to impossible. That’s where we can help. Our experts have the tools, training and experience to detect leaks in buried or hidden pipes.

What is Pipe Tracing?

Pipe tracing is a non-invasive method of leak detection. It involves the use of high-frequency devices to trace hidden or buried pipe work in your property. It’s fast yet effective and provides highly accurate results, which is why we recommend it so highly to our customers.

How Does Pipe Tracing Work?

Our specialist pipe tracing equipment works by sending radio frequency signals into the ground to detect a water leak in both metal and PVC pipes. This allows our leak detection experts to pinpoint the source of a water leak without causing damage to the surrounding area.

How Long Does Pipe Tracing Take?

The time it takes for our leak detection team to pinpoint the source of a leak depends on the severity of the issue. If you have any questions regarding the duration of this process, give us a call on 01623 675100 and we’ll gladly help you find the answer.

Benefits of Using Pipe Tracing to Find Underground Pipes

In most cases, pipe tracing is a non-invasive method of leak detection and can be used to rapidly determine the location of a water leak in underground pipes. As with our other methods of leak detection, pipe tracing is also highly accurate when it comes to pinpointing a leak’s location in a pipe.

What Happens After Pipe Tracing?

Water leaks from underground plastic pipes are fairly difficult to detect and therefore it may be necessary for our team to carry out excavation work to expose the source. Of course, we don’t merely find the source of a leak. Our team has the training and experience to carry out repairs if you don’t have a preferred plumber, as well as restoration work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our leak detection equipment can detect leaks in buried or hidden drain pipes, water supply pipes, gas pipes, metal pipes, and even plastic piping



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