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Choose Rainbow International for medical cleaning services that are reliable, consistent and run by the best experts in the nation.

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Healthcare & Medical Cleaning Services

Healthcare Cleaning for hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics offers its own set of challenges and opportunities which is why it makes sense to call in professional cleaning services for the healthcare industry.

Rainbow International have an extensive range of specialist healthcare cleaning experience working with a variety of healthcare establishments including hospitals, doctor surgeries, dental surgeries and rehabilitation units.

With a vast network of branches across the UK, you can access Rainbow International’s healthcare cleaning services. Whether you’re taking care of a medical centre, a dental practice, a GP surgery, a hospital or a medical vehicle, we’re here to help.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

GP Surgery Cleaning

A GP surgery is often a patient’s first port of call when they’re in search of support in their healthcare.

Rainbow International’s medical cleaning services can adapt to any type of GP surgery and leave them sparkling clean and tidy to ensure it’s a welcoming and safe environment for patients to receive treatment.

Hospital Cleaning

Reliable cleaning services are so important in hospitals to keep on top of infection control and cross contamination, leave your hospital in the hands of the cleaning professionals with Rainbow International’s specialists.

By adhering to the strict CQC compliance checks and health and safety standards, our team will provide the best results to keep your staff, patients and all visitors safe.

Dentist Cleaning

With so many bodily fluids, specialist tools and equipment to be found within a dental practice, depending on Rainbow International’s medical cleaning services means you can have peace of mind knowing it is taken care of.

Emergency Vehicle Cleaning

An emergency vehicle can be a hectic environment that can become dirty and unsanitary very quickly.

Maintaining the safe environment needed to keep an emergency vehicle able to provide a life-saving service is easy with Rainbow International’s medical cleaning services.

Rainbow's Healthcare Cleaning Services

At Rainbow International, we truly understand how important it is to be able to provide a healthcare facility that is clean, sanitary and safe for everyone utilising it.

That’s why we have perfected our processes in our medical cleaning services, ensuring all of our finished work is CQC compliant and up to health and safety standards.

Deep Cleaning Services

A deep clean is needed here and there to monitor potential underlying problems that can cause damage to the structure of the medical centres we work with. Providing a truly clean and sanitary space for you to work in and treat patients, we will remove the layers of dirt and grime and leave every nook and cranny sparkling clean.

Hard Floor Maintenance

Hard floors are easily left marked and grimy after heavy footfall and can even pose a hazard if they haven’t been expertly maintained. Rainbow International’s healthcare cleaning services are run by teams who are specially trained in using equipment that will leave your hard floors clean and shiny.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery can easily hold onto bacteria and germs that compromise the sanitation standards of medical centres. At Rainbow International, we have the very best specialist equipment to be able to sanitise your carpets and upholstery, leaving them safe and clean for people to enjoy.

Clinical Waste Disposal

Clinical waste is extremely hazardous to human health and must be handled with the utmost care. To ensure that this is the case, rely on the very best Rainbow International has to offer with our outstanding levels of cleaning and CQC compliant processes.

Laboratory Cleaning

You need a cleaning team that has the passion and dedication required to carefully handle delicate and expensive equipment that is found in laboratories. Rainbow International has the correctly trained teams of cleaning professionals you need to leave your workspace clean and ready for the next task at hand.

Waiting Room Cleaning

Waiting rooms are often the first place visitors will see, so greeting them with an expertly cleaned and sanitary envrionment is of the utmost importance. Our team are dedicated in providing you with the cleanest finish, all whilst being able to work without disrupting staff or patients.

Blood and Bodily Fluid Cleaning

Cleaning away any blood and bodily fluids need an expert to minimise the risk of contaminating nearby areas or harming human health. We work quickly and effectively to reduce this risk and leave behind no trace of any blood or bodily fluid in your medical centre.

Chemical Biohazard Cleaning

You can’t hire a regular cleaning company to handle chemical biohazard cleanups. Instead, opt for the fully trained professional cleaning team at Rainbow International. We have the right equipment and processes needed to remove all traces of the biohazard.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows can be tough to reach and require a lot of different products to leave a shiny and clean finished product. Rely on the consistently high quality results from Rainbow International and use our commercial window cleaning services for your medical facility.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchens in any environment must be carefully cleaned to avoid any food contamination or cross contamination of products. This is especially true of kitchens in medical facilities, as patients and staff require the very best standards of food preparation to keep them healthy and happy.

Air Purification

Medical facilities require the most sanitary conditions possible to keep everyone safe and sound, which can be difficult if your cleaning company is not up to the task. Rainbow International has decades of experience in air purification to ensure there is not a trace of preventable contamination left in the premises.

High Access Cleaning

Make the most out of Rainbow International’s high access cleaning services and rely on their expertise to keep even the highest point of your healthcare facility clean and tidy. Avoid dust and germs from falling into the workspace and have peace of mind.

Why Choose Rainbow International?

Health and safety law applies to all businesses, no matter how small. At Rainbow International, we know how important it is for your premises to stay clean and tidy and adhere to all Health & Safety regulations.

We meet and exceed CQC standards in hygiene and commit to providing you with the highest possible standards of medical cleaning services with great value for money.

The decades of experience and the highest level of expertise in the industry are what makes Rainbow International the first choice for so many healthcare facilities and medical centres. You can count on us to replicate our perfect results, and this reliability is what gives you the time back to focus on what your business needs most.

Happy Customers

I have been really impressed with all Rainbow’s staff. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. Everyone had their ID, signed in and I was glad they were CRB checked, this is important to me as I am a childminder and have to comply with Ofstead regulations

Mrs Wilcock, Childminder

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