Water Damage Restoration & Escape of Water Claims

Rely on professional water damage restoration services to return your home back to its clean, warm and welcoming state. Rainbow International’s restoration specialists are ready to support you with expert-led water damage restoration processes.

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Water Damage Restoration for Commercial and Domestic Properties

Water can enter a building from some sources, from heavy rain in a storm to a burst pipe. Regardless of the type of water that has found its way into a domestic or commercial property, it is vital to take immediate action to preserve the building and all of its contents.

Rainbow International specialises in water damage restoration, providing expert-led water damage repair and emergency repair. We have developed processes that cover all bases and ensure that you’re left with perfect results so you can put the stress behind you and focus on the future.

Rainbow's Water Damage Restoration Process

The process that Rainbow International uses to provide high-quality water damage repair and restoration services has been developed with you in mind.

From the moment you give us a call, our water damage restoration experts will be able to support you. They will come and visit your property and inspect the area affected by the water damage and begin documenting the damage for you to use throughout the claims process when dealing with insurance companies.

From here, hazards and main concerns will be identified and dealt with as specialist equipment will be used to begin removing the water. Standing water can harbour a lot of germs and dangerous items, so the latest tools and techniques will be important at this stage.

Once all the water and moisture have been removed and the building is completely dry, the restoration specialists will take over. Getting to work cleaning and restoring the building, the furniture, documents and any other belongings will be sanitised and cleaned, along with the rest of the structure.

If you require escape of water – water damage restoration services, feel free to get in contact with one of our skilled technicians or check out the nearest branch to you using our branch finder.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

emergency water damage cleaning

Emergency Water Damage Cleaning

If we could predict water damage in our home, we’d be more likely to be able to prevent it. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and an emergency water damage cleaning service is necessary to be able to resolve any issues within your domestic or commercial property.

These emergency situations need a professional and experienced team to handle the fallout, as larger scale issues can cause devastating damage. Our team has extensive experience in managing these types of situations and know how to work quickly and effectively to avoid structural damage and long-term damage to the contents within it.

If you’ve experienced water or flood damage and require emergency repair services or urgent advice, we’re the team to turn to. We provide a two-hour emergency flood repair call-out service to properties in the UK, reducing the long-term effects of water damage.

commercial water damage restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial buildings that have experienced water damage are a much larger task to handle, and Rainbow International is ready to be there for you.

There are very expensive items within commercial buildings, including appliances, stock and equipment that the business relies on to generate money. As a result, speed is of the essence, and Rainbow International’s restoration specialists know exactly how to work quickly, without missing any of the details.

We are prepared to be able to salvage as much as possible and save you the stress of worrying about your business and the property itself. We will work as quickly as possible to return your commercial property to you in the best possible state after the water damage repair.

escape of water claims

Escape of Water Claims

An escape of water is as simple as it sounds and often describes the process of water leaving the mains supply and entering a building through either a tap, pipe, appliance or fixture of the property.

Escape of water claims are one of the most common claims on insurance policies, and Rainbow International’s team are ready to support you through the process. It can be incredibly distressing to handle in the first place, so having our support can make it much easier.

We will accurately record the damage and the actions taken to resolve it, allowing you to deal with the insurance provider without having to do the assessment yourself.

Happy Customers

I would like to commend Rainbow for the superb restoration and chair re-covering they have done for me. They clearly took pride in their work. The staff were all helpful, polite, efficient and friendly. If only all businesses were run to this excellent standard!

Mrs Wilcock, Homeowner

Water Damage Restoration Services

Industries We Work In

Insurance Industry

The value that the insurance industry has for Rainbow International’s work has helped make the water damage restoration process much smoother for thousands of people across the UK.

Winning contracts in all areas of the country, the team at Rainbow International has proven the value behind the work we do, our specialist equipment and professional approach and as a result, they have won the confidence of insurance providers.

This directly impacts policyholders, as the trust behind our restoration services makes claims much easier and more successful.

Public Sector and Healthcare

The public sector and the healthcare industry require a level of professionalism and discretion that only Rainbow International can guarantee.

Water damage in any type of building can be devastating, but these specific industries require an incredibly quick and quiet service that our team has perfected.

By being able to adapt to these unique needs, the restoration process with the Rainbow team is exactly what you need if you’re facing water damage in your public sector or healthcare building.

Commercial Clients

Commercial buildings can present some difficult issues, as a business relies on its premises to be able to function properly and generate an income.

Rainbow International understands the importance and the cost behind the time needed to completely restore a commercial building after water damage.

We will work with you to support you throughout, making sure your focus is on your business and what it needs whilst we handle the cleanup process and ensure no future problems arise as a result of the water damage.

Domestic Clients

Your home is your sanctuary and is where you feel most comfortable and safe. Having it invaded by water is a saddening sight and can cause a lot of distress for the people it belongs to.

Rainbow International recognises how important your home is to you and has all the equipment and expertise needed to restore it and return it to you in its original condition.

By relieving you of the worry and upset, you can trust that we’ll have you and your home’s best interest at heart and leave no evidence of water damage behind.

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