Fire Damage Management

Rainbow Restoration’s expertise and well equipped fire and smoke damage restoration team will be there to provide support and safely restore your home after a house fire.

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You need expert support in the aftermath of a fire

A house fire is an extremely distressing situation to deal with. So, when you’re faced with property damage and need fire damage repair, rely on Rainbow Restoration’s fire damage restoration team to clean away the smoke and soot.

A fire in the home can leave behind property damage that requires a professional and understanding approach to fully restore the home to what it once was. Using the services of a fire damage restoration company is highly recommended, especially for reducing stress after what can be a traumatic event.

Even if the fire was contained to one room, the fire and smoke damage can travel throughout the home and create lasting issues if not handled correctly. The fire damage restoration experts at Rainbow Restoration are well equipped so you can feel safe and happy when it’s ready for your return.

How Rainbow Restoration’s fire and smoke damage restoration services can help

Damage cleanup and clearing smoke and soot is a complex process that requires a variety of techniques to avoid any further damage being made to your home.

The team behind our fire damage restoration service are experts in the field, which is one of the many reasons why Rainbow Restoration is used by many of the UK’s major insurance companies on their policyholder’s claims.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Fire damage restoration

If you’ve experienced a fire in your home, Rainbow Restoration’s fire damage restoration services will take care of the building and work hard to return it to you in it’s pre-loss condition.

Emergency services responses can leave behind damage that is unrelated to fire, such as water damage from the fire department. Having an expert team on hand who is experienced in handling these issues means you’ll avoid any further issues down the line.

Our team are experts in fire restoration and clean up after fire damage so you don’t have to take on the task alone. Their specialist equipment removes soot and smoke particles from all types of furniture and materials throughout your home. Whilst details such as sealing of painted surfaces, restoration and PAT testing of electric items, and controlled waste disposal are never missed.

With an emergency 24 hour call out option, you can have these services on-site within two hours – anywhere in the UK.

Working quickly in any situation, you can rely on Rainbow Restoration to safely restore your home and remove any fire damage, as fast as possible.

Smoke damage restoration

If you’ve recently had a fire in your home, the smell of smoke can be overwhelming and difficult to live around. However, the health implications of living in a home shortly after a fire can be incredibly detrimental.

Hiring a smoke damage restoration service like Rainbow Restoration is key if you’re to avoid these health issues, and live in a smoke free home.

Our highly responsive service can provide a team of experts who have years of experience in smoke odour removal. They’re specialist equipment can clean any item in your home that has been affected by smoke, such as:

  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Doors

By having our experts handle the problem, you’ll avoid improper services provided elsewhere, where lazy cleaning solutions can actually set smoke in and seal toxic chemicals into your home.

Having a professional handle the job doesn’t just avoid the toxicity of the smoke lingering in your home. Smoke damage can actually be corrosive, and cause long-lasting damage to your home’s contents and structure.

Fire & Smoke Restoration Cleaning Services Used By The UK’s Major Insurance Companies

Rainbow Restoration has over 25 years’ experience in fire and smoke damage restoration.

Using our wealth of technical experience and knowledge, you can relieve the pressure and stress of a fire in the home by trusting our proven experience to handle the rest. So much so that we’re used by many of the UK’s major insurance companies on their policyholder’s claims. A professional fire damage cleanup is essential following an incident in the home

You can also take advantage of our 24 hour emergency call out service from one of our 60+ branches across the UK, where we’ll be on-site within two hours to return the property to its previous condition, promptly, reliably and cost effectively.

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