Fire Damage Restoration

Hand the reigns over to the fire damage restoration experts at Rainbow International. Their team of fire restoration specialists will ensure the very best fire damage cleaning is complete to the highest standards.

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Fire Damage Restoration for Commercial and Domestic Properties

Fire damage can devastate any building, commercial or domestic. But regardless of the type of building affected, the aftermath is just as stressful and difficult to deal with.

Getting in touch with Rainbow International’s team of fire restoration specialists to handle the situation will allow you to relax and focus on getting back to normal.

Fire is a distressing thing to experience, and can severely damage your health – let our fire damage restoration service work on your building’s health so you can focus on your own.

Rainbow's Fire Damage Restoration Service

A fire leaves behind ash, smoke and structural damage that requires a swift and professional approach to avoid contaminates furthering the damage beyond surface level.

Fire damage restoration services must focus on clearing away hazards, decontaminating the overall site and removing all evidence that a fire had ever happened in the first place. Without these steps, the building can remain hazardous to human health, and continue to deterioate due to the acidic nature of soot and ash.

Rainbow International has fire damage restoration service that covers all bases and ensures that every nook and cranny has been thoroughly cleaned and restored to its former state. This service includes strict steps that must be adhered to, including:

Fire restoration – clean up after fire damage

Once a fire has happened in a building, the cleanup process must begin as soon as the fire is out. Rainbow International’s fire damage cleaning service involves removing any unsalvagable items that must be thrown away, and taking things off the site that can be saved later on.

At this point, hazardous areas will be highlighted and a plan to deal with them will be made to avoid any secondary damage occuring within the affected areas. Water damage will also have to be dealt with, as some water will be remaining as a result of the emergency services putting the fire out.

Buildings & contents restoration

It’s to be expected that the buildings and the contents within will have been severely damaged by the fire, which is why Rainbow International’s expert teams prioritise building and contents restoration.

By identifying areas that can be salvaged and using specialist tools and equipment to restore them back to their original state, we can work to get the most out of a badly damaged building.

Removal of soot and smoke

Once the building has been cleared and the contents have been removed and sorted, the soot and smoke must be dealt with. Smoke odour can cling to surfaces if not effectively cleaned away, and soot particles can be very dangerous to your health due to the toxins within it.

Rainbow International has the expert cleaning equipment needed for the job to be done properly, along with the knowledge for the highest standard fire damage cleaning results.

Sealing of painted surfaces

An important step that can be missed out if the professionals aren’t handling the restoration service, is sealing painted surfaces.

Rainbow International uses specially formulated sealers that cover smoke damage and eradicate any odours. It’s not just cosmetic though, as this step ensures that the acidic smoke won’t break down the paint over time, and will protect your home from any long lasting damage.

Soot fix applications

Soot is made up of acidic particles that can impact appliances if it’s not properly cleaned away, making them dangerous to use and a future problem.

Rainbow International’s fire damage restoration service includes reviewing and restoring appliances that have come in contact with soot. This step is vital as any damaged appliances that aren’t reviewed can cause secondary damage, and potentially another fire.

Controlled waste disposal

The waste generated by a fire can be hazardous to health if a professional is not monitoring the situation. The by-products of burnt materials are often toxic and can be difficult to handle, so having Rainbow International’s experts remove the waste in a controlled manner is vital.

We will always ensure that there is a controlled waste disposal protocol in place before we begin working on any building that has been damaged by fire.

Smoke odour removal

The smell of smoke is not one that is often desired, and is usually a painful reminder of the fire that caused it in the first place.

At Rainbow International, we use expert techniques and tools to rid the building of any smoke odour and leave you a clean and fresh home or commercial property to return to.

Cleaning of all items affected by smoke – carpets, rugs, furniture, walls, floors and general contents

It’s not just the odour you must remain aware of, smoke can be a dirty and acidic substance that will damage any item it gets near.

As a result, Rainbow International has developed processes to ensure that all contents are thoroughly cleaned and removed of any smoke to avoid future damage.

Restoration & PAT testing of electrical items

Electrical items can suffer a lot from fire damage, but it’s usually below surface level and can be difficult to spot.

Using these items without them being thoroughly PAT tested and restored to a functioning level can be extremely dangerous and even cause another fire. As a part of Rainbow International’s fire damage restoration service, the team will remove electrical items, assess them, restore them and then complete a full PAT test so you can get back to using them without the worry of further damage.

Emergency 24 hours call-out

Rainbow International’s fire damage restoration service is available from 60+ branches across the UK. No matter when you need them, they’re available 24/7 through an emergency call out, and the team will be on-site within two hours.

Emergency Fire Damage Cleaning

Fires often breakout in a moment’s notice, and can cause widespread devastation in a matter of minutes. Add in the danger to human health and the spreading of the flames, and the aftermath of a fire is almost too exhausting to address.

Rainbow International’s specialists are trained in emergency fire damage cleaning. They can be on-site in a matter of hours and are easily contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can trust our specialists to handle any situation with professionalism and care.

Having our team ready to get to work on your fire damage restoration will mean you can turn your attention to what matters most, reducing stress and worry.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in a commercial building can ruin a business if the restoration process is not run by professionals. Rainbow International’s team are made up of specialists who are passionate about restoring a commercial building back to its former state so that your business no longer has to suffer.

Prioritising the things that generate your income, the restoration service will ensure that any salvageable stock, equipment and business related items are cleaned and returned to you. Meanwhile, hazards and harder areas to deal with will be tackled with speed and efficiency so you have nothing to worry about upon your return.

Our decades of experience in supporting business through the aftermath of a fire and leading them through the fire damage cleaning process is reliable and what you need during a stressful period of time. We’ll even get to work detailing all damage and actions taken for your insurance policy.

Why Choose Rainbow International For Fire Damage Restoration?

Rainbow International have been serving the UK with expert processes for over 35 years, providing people and their buildings with a professional and compassionate service that delivers the best possible results.

Focusing on ensuring you have a safe and happy environment to return to, we will be able to remove all trace of a fire, and return your property to its previous condition, promptly, reliably and cost effectively.

We’ll even record all damage and the efforts made to restore it so that your dealings with the insurance provider is smooth and simple, further reducing your stress and speeding up the overall provess.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help you in the event of a fire in your building. Our team of experts will be more than happy to discuss our fire restoration services with you, and discover how we can help bring you back to normal.

Fire Damage Restoration

Industries We Work In

Insurance Industry

Insurance companies across the UK have valued the work done by Rainbow International for many years, providing us with contracts to be able to service tens of thousands of homes every year.

This is due to our proven processes that have been developed by specialists to provide people dealing with fire damage with the best possible results.

Our strive for the highest standards allows insurance companies to trust our work will be more than satisfactory and in turn, this benefits the policyholders. By using Rainbow International’s service your insurance holders are more likely to accept your claim and payout what you need.

Public Sector and Healthcare

The public sector and the healthcare industry have functions that cannot be paused for any period of time, meaning a fire damage cleaning service must be quick and effective so as to not disrupt any ongoing work.

Rainbow International has worked for many years to develop a service that can be quickly adapted to any unique need and be completed in record time without any steps being missed, or corners being cut.

Commercial Clients

Commercial clients often face very complex fire clean-up situations, as there are often employees, health and safety standards and business inventory issues to work around.

Rainbow International’s team are experts in adapting our protocols to suit your unique needs so that you can focus on getting your business back up and running. We keep the standards high throughout the process and ensure that your business time and inventory are protected.

Domestic Clients

A fire-ravaged home is a very sad sight and can be very distressing to the residents. Rainbow International knows this and keeps support at the centre of the work done, ensuring that you know that your home and the contents within it are at the top of our list of priorities.

The team will clear up the damage, disinfect and deodorise the building and return your restored contents back to their place, so you can return and feel at home once again.

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Fire Damage Restoration: Frequently Asked Questions

Having a professional fire damage restoration service remove soot, clean up smoke damage and repair water damage left by emergency services are key steps to clean up following fire damage.