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Want a sparkling finish from your public sector cleaning services? Call in the experts from Rainbow International for the proven best results in the UK.

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Public Sector Cleaning Across the UK

Public sector cleaning requires a level of expertise that is hard to find and even harder to rely on. That is why Rainbow International have ensured that our public sector and healthcare cleaning services are of the highest standard and always provide the highest standard of results in the UK.

Unfortunately, it is no secret that the public sector and healthcare organisations are having to cut costs for a number of reasons. This means value for money is essential, alongside taking preventative action against potential future problems.

Public sector organisations cannot overlook cleaning their premises as it can quickly undermine and obstruct the people utilising or operating the services from gaining the full benefit. When left to build up, filth and grime can begin to harm the health of those working within the environment.

High-standard cleaning solutions are the best way to maintain buildings and standards to avoid deterioration and plummeting cleanliness levels. Rainbow International has the cleaning solutions you need to keep on top of the dirt and grime that builds up on a daily basis in all public sector and healthcare facilities.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Local Authority Cleaning

The local authorities must maintain their reputation in their community as much as their cleanliness levels. Having a dirty premise for visitors to see can undermine the authority that these organisations hold.

Rainbow International has a discreet and efficient public sector cleaning service for local authorities to utilise, so no matter what serious business is being conducted within the building, you can rest assured that it is sparkling clean.

Education & School Cleaning

Tutoring older students in university and guiding younger ones through nurseries, primary and secondary schools requires a clean and safe premise.

Without disrupting the necessary educational processes, Rainbow International will clear away dirt, grime and debris from the premises and leave behind a learning environment that is welcoming and free of obstructions for teaching to continue.

Healthcare Cleaning

Delivering high standards of cleanliness in the healthcare industry is a responsibility that Rainbow International does not take lightly.

Removing any chance of cross-contamination, working discreetly to avoid any interruption of services and going above and beyond the expected health and safety standards.

Our team is trained to the highest of standards and is well-equipped to handle any type of healthcare environment and is sensitive to the complex needs of the industry.

Rainbow's Public Sector Cleaning Services

After decades of providing a stellar public sector cleaning service in the UK, the team at Rainbow International has the best processes for bringing the best results. Public sector organisations require a unique approach due to their complex needs, which is why we have focused our energy on ensuring we can adapt and be flexible to these bespoke requirements.

Using a variety of tools and equipment, our highly trained team of specialist cleaners are able to handle any type of cleaning job, and will ensure their work is not just to a fantastic standard, but is also cost effective.

Why Choose Rainbow International?

Public sector cleaning services with Rainbow International are the very best in the UK thanks to decades of experience and a long list of happy customers who have benefitted from our cleaning teams.

We have achieved this thanks to our vast network of branches across the UK providing a continual commitment to delivering service excellence, alongside an emergency service with our rapid response vehicles and 2-hour response time.

You can also be guaranteed reliability and a high level of professionalism and discreetness throughout the work being done, and a level of cleaning that is unmatched. Choosing Rainbow International to complete your public sector cleaning or your healthcare cleaning tasks takes the stress away from you so you can focus your energy on what really matters.

Happy Customers

…Following a plumbing accident here at Castercliff School it was only the level of equipment and expertise of Rainbow’s technicians that allowed us to avoid an unscheduled closure of the school. Rainbow’s efforts were much appreciated and valued….

Ernest Thornton, Site Supervisor, Castercliff Community Primary School

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