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Triumph Amidst Turmoil: Normanton Golf Club’s Water Mains Rupture

Triumph Amidst Turmoil: Normanton Golf Club’s Water Mains Rupture

On Thursday 3rd of August, a catastrophic event fell on Normanton Golf Club as a water main rupture left their golf course saturated with a deluge of silt and sediment.

Requiring immediate action and the expertise of seasoned professionals, Dave Hawkins and his team at Rainbow Restoration Leeds were entrusted by Yorkshire Water under our newly established county-wide partnership. Chosen for our rapid responsiveness and commitment to delivering exceptional service, there was no team better suited for such a feat.

Wood, silt and mud pooled at the bottom of the grassy slopes of the golf club, transforming a usually picturesque scene into a sightly calamity. With no time left to lose, Yorkshire Water jumped into action appointing Rainbow Leeds, who promptly mobilised.

Normandy Golf Club - pre restoration works.

Upon closer inspection it was determined that an 18-inch water mains pipe had ruptured, sending torrents of water coursing across the golf club. The outpour of water rapidly accumulated, forming a small lake beyond the confines of the golf course.

A small stream that previously trickled down a culvert, had become blocked with the build-up of water and earth.

Blocked culvert.

The team arrived on site, promptly deploying a 3 tonne digger on site to excavate the sediment-laden region. A staggering 30 tonnes of silt blocking the pipes passage was removed and the rest of the pipe was released, allowing the stream to flow freely once again.

The bridge supporting the culvert harboured a potentially hazardous high voltage cable. With the safety and well-being of all personnel involved as top priority, meticulous consideration and planning were dedicated to ensuring operations proceeded without any compromise to the cable’s integrity or the potential for accidents.

With all safety measures and considerations in place, the team worked tirelessly to rectify the inflicted damage and mitigate the impact of the disaster on the golf club.

Manoeuvring such heavy machinery across the golf club through woodlands and pathways was set to be a delicate task. Mindful of this, our team operated with extreme diligence and care, navigating the course and preserving the integrity of the fairways and surrounding nature.

All works were completed within 2 working days, facilitating seamless handover and a timely resolution to the adversity the golf club faced.

The director of the golf club was delighted with the entire process, and a representative from Yorkshire Water said ‘Thank you for such a prompt response, I am really impressed at how fast you and your team have managed to respond to this incident and also given how unusual it is too.’

Rainbow’s leadership in disaster recovery and restoration stems from our adeptness and speed in which we can adapt to unique customer circumstances. We take great satisfaction in having had the privilege to work alongside Normanton Golf Club, providing them with essential assistance during this trying event.

As our new positioning places us at the forefront of Major Complex Loss cases, this instance serves as a mere glimpse into the future accomplishments we are set to achieve.