Central Heating Leak Detection

Find and fix a water leak in your central heating system with Rainbow Restoration’s expertise and specialist teams and equipment.

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Rainbow’s Central Heating Leak Detection Services

If your home has a leak in its central heating system or you suspect you might need a central heating leak detection, having an expert handling the situation is key to avoiding water damage and further issues.

It’s a stressful situation, and it can be difficult to identify the source of a leak – nevermind actually resolving the issue. Rainbow Restoration’s specialists will use a variety of detection methods to pinpoint the location of the leak within your central heating system.

Does your central heating system have a leak?

Central heating systems use pressure to make hot water reach all corners of your home. If your boiler is losing pressure, you have no hot water or you have leaking pipes, a water leak could be the cause.

If you find your boiler pressure is dropping often and water top ups are needed more regularly – this is also an indication there is an internal issue.

Having a leak detection specialist confirm a leak is the cause of issues, and detecting the source, is the first step in putting solutions into place.

How to repair a central heating leak

To avoid water damage on your home’s floors and walls, you have to tackle a leak in your central heating system quickly. Even if it’s a simple pinhole leak in your radiator, a quick fix avoids expensive and long lasting issues.

For those more complex leaks, Rainbow Restoration’s specialists will thoroughly check your home, looking for the least invasive methods to determine the cause. Analysing the situation, the most suitable solution will be outlined, along with techniques that avoid disruption within your home.

Acoustic Testing

Finding a leak in your central heating by using specialist equipment, acoustic testing is less invasive and allows Rainbow Restoration’s experts to hear where the water is leaking from. They’re trained to know what leaks sound like, and the type of material it’s surrounding.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging leak detection is another non-invasive method. Highly sensitive cameras can track underground pipes carrying hot or cold water, and detect a leak within your central heating.

Tracer Gas

A tracer gas made up of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen is used by Rainbow International expert’s to detect central heating leaks in a non-invasive way. By injecting the gas into the pipe system, any gas that escapes the pipes is detected by equipment – revealing the source of the water leak.

Pipe Tracing

Pipes can be more difficult to trace, given how inaccessible they are. Using a variety of specialist equipment, different types of pipes can be traced and tracked throughout your home, including what they’re carrying.

Found a leak in your home, or need a specialist to detect one?

If you suspect there’s a leak in your central heating system, it’s essential to resolve it quickly if you want to avoid repairing costly damage.

Get in touch with Rainbow International to speak with a specialist who can support you with your central heating leak.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell tale signs of a leak in a central heating system include:

  • Water dripping around your boiler
  • Puddles around the pipework surround your boiler
  • Water leaking from radiator valves
  • Your boiler pressure is dropping



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