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Specialist Water Leak Detection Services

Heating Pressure Loss? Loss of water pressure? Sound of running water? High Water Bills?

Damp patch? Standing water? Smell of mould? Or any other signs of a leak?

If you are experiencing any of the above you have no time to waste. You need to act promptly to pinpoint the exact source and repair the issue before matters get worse. And that’s where our Specialist Leak Detection/ Trace and Access Services come in…

How Rainbow International detects the source of a leak

We understand just how stressful water leaks can be. That’s why we provide our experts with the training and specialist equipment they need to quickly and efficiently carry out four key methods of trace and access water leak detection.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is a popular (and non-invasive) method of leak detection. It involves using specialist cameras to identify temperature differences in your pipes. This allows our team to detect any pipes that are buried in subfloors or other hidden areas within your property.

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Acoustic testing

Acoustic testing is another simple, effective and accurate method of water leak detection. It requires professional acoustic and electro-acoustic listening devices that enable our specialist team to amplify, filter and process the sound of a buried or insulated leaking pipe.

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Tracer gas

This more involved method requires our team to drain any remaining water from your system before tracer gas is introduced into the pipes. Don’t be put off by the word ‘gas’ – we use a mix of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen that’s 100% safe to use in your property.

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Pipe tracing

The final method, pipe tracing, involves the use of high-frequency water leak detectors to trace any hidden or buried pipes that can’t be detected with thermal imaging cameras. This process enables our team to accurately identify the exact location of a leak before the situation worsens.

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Trace and Access Cover - Water Leak Detection

Finding the source of your problems shouldn’t be an invasive or costly process. The Trace and Access service functions as a way for property owners to spot the source of a leak without causing any damage.

To discover whether the leak is located inside a wall, underneath the floorboards running through the garden, specialists carry an extensive range of trace and access equipment.

This technique avoids unnecessarily dismantling your home to find the leak, saving you the cost of putting it all back together again – a cost that not all insurers will cover due to the speculative causes behind it.

Trace and Access isn’t the same as water leak detection though. Instead, a Trace and Access specialist not only identifies where the leak is coming from, but also brings solutions.

The Trace and Access specialists can accurately record the damage the leak is causing, along with potential repairs to rectify the issue.

This provides you with a strong report that details the source of the leak, the damage caused and how to repair it all. This means you can clearly define your issue and the action plan to resolve it to your insurers, leading to a solution much more quickly than standard processes.

Restoring your property following a leak

Finding the leak is just the first step in fixing the problem. Once we’ve pinpointed the location, our fully trained and insured team will excavate the area to expose the source.

We’ll then issue a bespoke SMART report of our findings and recommended next steps. Repairs can be carried out by us at an additional cost or by your preferred plumber – whatever works best for you.

Our full remediation programme will restore your property back to its original condition with little-to-no disruption to the living or working environment. We’ll even give your entire water systems a once-over for full peace of mind.

Why choose Rainbow International?

We’ve been providing this complete trace and access service to homeowners, builders, plumbers, insurance companies, facility management companies, maintenance managers and loss adjusters since 1987. So, we’re more than capable of taking the burden of locating and repairing a water leak off your shoulders – leaving you to focus on the more important things in life.

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Trace and Access & Water Leak Detection: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most obvious signs of a leak in your home or business premises is a puddle of water around appliances or walls. You may also notice a drop in water pressure or unexpectedly high water bills.


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