Retail Cleaning Services

Rainbow International will have your retail space sparkling clean before you know it, so get in touch with us today to have that fresh feeling back in your business.

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Professional Retail Cleaning Across the UK

Professional retail cleaning services are vital in the UK retail space, as competitive high streets and the customer’s willingness to shop around puts any business under additional strain.

Having a store that is clean, tidy and welcoming is one of the best ways to entice shoppers off the streets, as even the most casual of customers will spot dirt and grime and be put off from making a purchase as a result.

Avoid this from happening by keeping your retail store in pristine condition, and have the specialists go through every nook and cranny to ensure it is scrubbed clean of any evidence of uncleanliness.

Rainbow International’s retail cleaning services have been perfected over the decades of service provided to a range of businesses and commercial properties.

As a result, our teams are now able to support you no matter where you are in the UK, with Rainbow International being available across most towns and cities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Rainbow's Retail & Shop Cleaning Services

The team behind Rainbow International prides itself on being the best option for businesses looking for retail and shop cleaning services.

Specialising in bringing a retail space back up to health and safety standards, providing a sparkling clean finish for customers to enjoy. Our teams are fully trained in using the best specialist equipment and cleaning supplies and are able to tackle any type of dirt on any type of material.

They’ll also work hard to leave the property in the best condition for as long as possible. Getting underneath the grime and every single area spotless means your property is more likely to stay cleaner for longer.

At Rainbow International, we understand how much a customer values cleanliness which is why we have spent decades perfecting the options we have on offer. At the core of these options, the focus is to provide your business and retail store with the best possible results for a fully cleaned retail store.

This service includes the following:

  • Shop floors
  • Washroom facilities
  • Sanitisation of surfaces
  • Exterior surfaces & windows
  • Backrooms & warehouses
  • Staff rooms & staff kitchens
  • Stockrooms
  • Offices

Why Choose Rainbow International?

Rainbow International are here whether it be for regular contract shop cleaning or a one-off job to remove graffiti, clean up a bio-hazard or restore your retail business following a flood or fire.

We know that in this business continuity is of utmost importance, so our retail cleaning technicians work quickly and discreetly to ensure your business has minimal downtime, we can work out of hours or at weekends to see you recover in the quickest time possible.

If you’d like information on our retail cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss your requirements. We have franchisees up and down the country that specialises in retail and shop cleaning services so are sure to find the most convenient local service for you.

Health and safety law applies to all businesses, no matter how small. At Rainbow International, we know how important it is for your premises to stay clean and tidy and adhere to all health and safety regulations.

Our retail cleaning services can help you to achieve this, as well as help to maintain the well-being of your staff and visitors.

Happy Customers

The French Polisher has done amazing work on the damaged wooden furniture and his mum was almost in tears when she accepted what looked like new furniture. He has gone above and beyond and placed all the furniture around the house in the correct places for them. Rainbow have been fantastic throughout and explained what they are doing and when they will do it and why they are doing this, they haven’t left a question open and he really appreciates this.

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