Industrial Cleaning Services

Rainbow International’s industrial and warehouse cleaning services will provide the best possible results for your property.

Find out how Rainbow International has the best industrial cleaning services the UK has to offer, led by expert teams of specialists who have over 35 years of experience. 

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Industrial Cleaning Across the UK

Rainbow International has spent decades perfecting the industrial cleaning services and processes we offer. Our team of specialists have worked with a wide range of industrial businesses and their properties, getting into the needs of each individual business and providing exactly what they need.

It’s these perfected processes that have allowed us to expand our network of specialists across the whole of the UK, with our industrial cleaning services accessible in most towns and cities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have ensured our service is available across the UK as it is absolutely essential you have experts handle the deep cleaning of your industrial property. Warehouses and distribution centres must be able to maintain a standard that allows them to run around the clock without interruption – from the cherry pickers to the assembly line and everything in between.

Our team of professionals are fully trained and understands that health and safety standards demand a level of high-quality cleanliness that is essential to the smooth operation of any type of industrial building or warehouse – whether it’s a food factory, a distribution centre or an inventory hold.

The vastness of industrial buildings, warehouses and distribution centres means that dirt and grime easily build up. Due to the sheer size, this build-up can quickly become a real problem that can begin to take a toll on the structure itself.

Issues such as mould, excessive dust and general grime can become health and safety issues in the blink of an eye and can take a huge amount of time to resolve if left to fester.

The size of the building can also lead to issues with once simple tasks such as window cleaning or high-level cleaning jobs on the ceilings or roof.

These parts of the building cannot just be ignored either, as elements such as dust, dirt and particles will fall from the ceiling into the production line, onto the stock or even onto warehouse workers, so this is integral to the warehouse cleaning process.

Rainbow International has the tools, equipment and expertise to handle these high-level cleaning tasks and produce results that will leave your warehouse sparkling clean and ready for business.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Rainbow's Industrial & Warehouse Cleaning Services

With over 35 years of experience providing industrial cleaning services and warehouse cleaning services, Rainbow International has earned a reputation across the industry as one of the very best industrial cleaning companies.

The Rainbow International teams pride themselves on being able to produce the best possible results with as little interruption to the day-to-day runnings of a business. Having a specialist team completing your industrial cleaning jobs allows you to relax knowing that all health and safety concerns are appropriately handled and the strict guidelines are adhered to.

To make sure all of those elements are addressed, Rainbow International has all of the specialist equipment such as steam cleaners, pressure washing apparatus and essential protective gear needed to get the job done. This enables us to cover all bases and adapt to any on-site requirements set in place for your industrial property.

Whether you’re looking for a full industrial cleaning service, a regular surface clean, restoration of industrial space or a one-off factory clean, the following services will be able to facilitate any industrial space:

  • Facilities cleaning
  • Heavy equipment and machinery cleaning
  • Warehouse floor cleaning
  • Biohazard removal
  • Production line cleaning
  • Staff rooms and office cleaning
  • External and window cleaning
  • Industrial oven and kitchen cleaning
  • Industrial waste removal
  • High-pressure cleaning

Why Choose Rainbow International?

Our industrial cleaning teams are trained to the highest industry standards and have the latest equipment and cleaning products to ensure that work is carried out to your highest expectations, within allocated timescales.

All cleaning work can be carried out to suit your business needs, including at weekends or evenings, to minimise business interruption and any downtime. Be sure to explain your business’s specific requirements so our Rainbow International team are able to tailor-make your industrial cleaning service to hit all targets and goals, and leave you with the best results your business and industrial building deserve.

If you’d like further information on our retail cleaning services, or you’d like to know how Rainbow International can provide you with the best industrial cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss your requirements. We are able to answer any query you may have, and can help you with any concerns or issues you may be facing.

Happy Customers

…Following a plumbing accident here at Castercliff School it was only the level of equipment and expertise of Rainbow’s technicians that allowed us to avoid an unscheduled closure of the school. Rainbow’s efforts were much appreciated and valued….

Ernest Thornton, Site Supervisor, Castercliff Community Primary School

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