Hospitality Cleaning

Whether you have a restaurant, bar, gym, hotel or venue that needs a deep clean, rely on the specialists at Rainbow Internation for your hospitality cleaning services.

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Hospitality and Leisure Cleaning Across the UK

Cleanliness is at the forefront of any hospitality or leisure venue and is often one of the most important things to visitors to these types of establishments.

At Rainbow International, we are invested in providing the very best cleaning services for the hospitality industry. Customer satisfaction can easily be negatively affected by a grimy and dirty environment – leading to negative reviews and a potential drop in reputation and overall profits.

This is true for any type of hospitality business, which is why Rainbow International has ensured our team of specialist cleaning professionals has top equipment, training and tools across every branch in the UK.

We have a nationwide network of branches throughout the UK. Find your local Rainbow:

Expert Cleaning Across the Hospitality Sector

Why choose a cleaning company that can only provide an average result in just a couple of areas in the hospitality industry?

Instead, opt for the very best in the UK at Rainbow International. We have been working with a long list of clients in hospitality, including hotels, gyms, restaurants and bars.

Hotel Cleaning

No one wants to feel uncomfortable where they’re sleeping, and customers rely on hotels to provide a sanitary and comfortable environment to unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

That’s why having Rainbow International take responsibility for the cleanliness of your hotel allows you to focus on the more important parts of the business. We will ensure all of the rooms are ready to welcome guests, keep all of your facilities sparkling clean and provide an expert finish on the finer details.

Gym and Leisure Sector Cleaning

Gyms and leisure facilities must provide the best equipment and spaces for customers to feel as though they are getting the most out of their memberships.

Maintain your equipment and facilities in the best possible condition with Rainbow International’s hospitality cleaning services. We will create a cleaning schedule that minimises disruption to your members’ workouts and develop processes that are bespoke to your premises.

Restaurant and Bar Cleaning

Food and beverage services have a level of cleanliness that must be adhered to, not just to keep customers happy, but to ensure that any legal requirements are not just met, but exceeded.

This is a difficult job in such a hectic environment, so rely on Rainbow International’s high standard of specialist cleaning. We will work to minimise the risk of food contamination, and unsanitary conditions and keep your business running smoothly.

Hospitality Cleaning Services We Provide:

Cleanliness is essential, regardless of whether your business provides food and drink, a place to work out, or a bed for the night.

At Rainbow International, you can harness the power of the clean team and take advantage of our hospitality cleaning services no matter what type of business you have in the hospitality industry. 

Deep Cleaning 

A deep clean is needed more regularly than you might think. General maintenance and cleaning will keep dirt and grime away, but preventing long-term issues within hospitality premises is necessary to avoid structural damage and costly developments such as mould or grime buildup. 

Rainbow International has the UK’s very best deep cleaning processes, with a detailed checklist of areas to review and scrub clean, along with an expert eye for spotting and resolving potential problems.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors can be difficult to maintain and keep clear of dirt and marks. They’re also expensive to replace if grime begins to damage it over time. At Rainbow International, we are the experts at keeping hard floors clean, with a variety of tools and products that are suitable for any type of material that your hard floor is made from.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning 

Keep your customers and your staff safe from food contamination, fire hazards and more with Rainbow International’s commercial kitchen cleaning services. 

We have the very best cleaning teams who are trained to handle any size or type of commercial kitchen. Leave it up to our experts to maintain your commercial kitchen and keep it clear of dust, grime, mess and debris so you can get right back to keeping your customers happy. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows can be tough to keep sparkling clean, but with Rainbow International, it’s a breeze. Our commercial window cleaning service includes experts who know exactly how to handle any sized window in any building. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts must be maintained to avoid fire hazards and to keep the air quality to a high standard. We have the trained staff and the right equipment to be able to not just clean the air ducts, but maintain them to the various health and safety standards across the hospitality industry.

Jet Washing

Jet washing is necessary to clear away ingrained dirt from a variety of surfaces including paving, tiling and flooring. An expertly finished jet wash can make a huge difference and refresh a hospitality venue to impress your customers. At Rainbow International, we have the very best equipment to provide the highest of finishes.

Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleaning

It doesn’t matter what type of hospitality business you own, it can be exposed to blood and bodily fluids in any type of situation. However, it’s vital that you have Rainbow International’s cleaning experts handle these potentially hazardous substances and clear away any evidence they were there if you’re to continue reaching the health and safety standards. 

Water Damage Restoration

If your hospitality business has been exposed to water, hiring the specialists at Rainbow International for our water damage restoration services is the next step. Remove the risk of structural damage, mould and further problems with our drying, cleaning and salvaging expertise.

Fire Damage Restoration 

A fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a hospitality business. Rectifying the damage caused once the fire is put out can be overwhelming, but with Rainbow International, the stress is taken away. We have perfected the process and will return your business back to you with no evidence of the fire being left behind.

Water Leak Detection

A water leak can incur huge costs for a hospitality business, not just in the water bill, but in the damage it can cause. At Rainbow International, we can detect a water leak with non-invasive methods and begin the work needed to rectify it for you.

Why Choose Rainbow?

Rainbow International has been providing the very best hospitality cleaning solutions for decades, entering premises and returning them in the cleanest possible condition.

Allowing hospitality businesses to pass on the responsibility of maintaining health and safety standards means they’re able to focus on the elements of business that can’t be overlooked. Giving this opportunity to have more free time is why it’s Rainbow International is the most cost-effective and reliable option for you.

We understand and value the importance of a clean business in hospitality, and appreciate how essential it is for the business and to their customers. The complex needs of different types of hospitality businesses is also why we have curated bespoke cleaning services, so we can work alongside you and ensure every key point is reached with minimal disruption.

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