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Introducing the Eco Pod

Introducing the Eco Pod

With the current climate, its important businesses are striving to innovate new eco-conscious technologies that prioritise the conservation of our environment – and the disaster recovery and restoration sector is no exception. We’re excited to introduce the latest advancement to our alternative accommodation solution, the Eco Pod.

Whilst our primary mission is to serve those with properties that have faced disaster, we firmly believe this does not negate our responsibility to protect the planet. After all, how we treat the environment has both direct and indirect impacts on our climate and the natural disasters that ensue.

The much loved kitchen & bathroom pod has just got an upgrade, making it a leaner and greener sustainable solution for those in need.

So what makes these Eco Pods so great, you ask?

An alternative accommodation solution

First of all, if you haven’t read our blog linked above, the brilliance of these pods is their ability to provide a sense of home comfort to those at a time of great vulnerability. A kitchen or bathroom pod would be deployed when a fire or flood is localised to just one area within a home.

The stress often associated with these disasters stems from the prospect of having to abandon your home for an extended period during restoration works. Hotel costs, emotional stress, and logistics of upholding a family routine whilst being separated from your base could all be alleviated by having a pod deployed on site.

These pods are essentially compact kitchens & bathrooms on wheels, and are fully equipped with everything you would need to continue life as normal within a secure and sanitary environment.

Courtesy Kitchens and Bathrooms Eco Pod on drive.

Now we have that covered, it’s time to discuss why our latest upgrade, in partnership with Courtesy Kitchens and Bathrooms, is the real deal when it comes to green technology.

The Eco Pod

Compared to a standard pod, these Eco Pods are heavily insulated, significantly reducing the amount of power required to heat it.

The Eco Pods are entirely electric, completely eliminating the need for fossil fuels which contribute to the greenhouse gases that suffocate our planet. Their state of the art solar technology ensures you are not incurring additional running costs, and will power the wall heater, water heater, pumps, lighting and plug sockets.

Should for whatever reason the solar fail, the power is backed up by electrical input from your home so you are covered in any situation.

Solar eco pod.

What’s more, is these Eco Pods are thermostatically controlled and feature an ‘Energy Saving mode’ and light sensors which activate when you leave the pod. This ensures energy efficiency and prevents unnecessary wasted heat whilst providing a comfortable living environment.

Each 3.5 x 2.2m pod fits into a car park space and contains full sized kitchen appliances, including an oven, hob, washing machine, fridge freezer, dishwasher, pots and pans.

Inside solar eco pod.

The Eco Pods run on just 2 double sockets and receive their water supply directly from an outside tap. Waste is taken care of utilising existing drainage, so you are able to operate with very little disturbance to your daily routine.

The pièce de résistance is that these pods can be delivered anywhere in the UK, in as little as 24 hours.

Initial trial with Courtesy Kitchen’s and Bathrooms recently took place with our Derby West branch, and we’re thrilled to report feedback has been overwhelmingly positive: ‘Absolutely no issues with the pod, they couldn’t have placed it anywhere better and it really helped us when we had no use of our facilities’ .

In line with our company mission, we are constantly exploring different avenues to reduce and improve our environmental impact. Partnering with Courtesy Kitchens and Bathrooms to deliver a eco-friendly alternative to an already impressive solution, is just another step towards our commitment in fostering a greener future.

We’re excited for what is yet to join our spectrum of sustainable solutions, we have so much more in store for our journey to #RestoreThePlanet.

Published: 02 Oct 2023