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Restoration without relocation – home comfort with a kitchen pod

Restoration without relocation – home comfort with a kitchen pod

Experiencing a fire or flood can be a traumatic event, uprooting your life and forcing the temporary abandonment of your home. Fortunately, there is a solution that can alleviate some of these worries – the kitchen pod.

There are many challenges that occur during traumatic life events which require home restoration, we explore the benefits and functionality of the solution below.

Logistical Challenges

When a disaster strikes, the need to relocate your family, often to a distant location away from work and schools, can complicate the logistics of coordinating the clean-up. It’s not always the whole property that’s affected either- a fire that may have started in the kitchen, may only affect the kitchen.

By having access to a kitchen pod, you can stay on-site, minimising disruptions and overseeing the restoration process efficiently.

Convenience and comfort in a compact space

To maintain your daily routine and wellbeing, it is essential to have access to a clean and tidy space to prepare food. A kitchen pod offers an ideal alternative for those seeking comfort and convenience during the restoration process, allowing you to remain at home while still having access to a functional and equipped kitchen.

These small, portacabin-like units come fully equipped with all your kitchen essentials. This means you can still sleep in your bedroom, relax in your living room, and cook and prepare food onsite, regardless of any ongoing clean-up work.

Easy installation and connectivity

The installation of kitchen pods is designed to be simple and hassle-free, with electrical supply provided via 13-amp plugs that can be connected to most standard sockets.

Inside the kitchen pods, you’ll find a cooker, oven, washing machine, and fridge, along with a water supply connected to an external tap. If you don’t have an external tap available, our dedicated teams can install one for you, ensuring uninterrupted access to water.

Kitchen Pod - Internal.

Swift delivery and accessibility

Each pod is compact enough to fit into a standard car parking space, allowing for easy placement on your property. Delivery or collection from any UK mainland address is achievable within as little as 24 hours. Our expert teams will be able to connect your pod to the necessary water, waste and electricity supplies, ensuring a seamless experience.

Alternative Accommodation Bathroom Pod

If your bathroom is out of action, bathroom pods are also available that connect to your utilities in the same way, for ultimate convenience. Equipped with storage space, a towel rail and mirror, these pods provide a comfortable and functional temporary bathroom solution.

Compact Bathroom - Internal.

Their compact size, easy installation, and quick delivery make them an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and comfort during challenging times.

For more detailed information on what is included in our bathroom and kitchen pods, please explore our range of temporary accommodation solutions. Our goal is to enable you to continue daily life in the comfort of your own home, whilst we focus on restoring your fire or flood-damaged property.

With more than 50 branches across the UK, Rainbow is committed to providing unparalleled fire and flood restoration services nationally. You can find your nearest branch on our website, or give us a call on our 24/7 helpline 01623 422 488, 365 days of the year.

Published: 12 Jun 2023