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What To Do If Your Property Suffers Water Damage

What To Do If Your Property Suffers Water Damage

If you have been unlucky enough to suffer a burst water pipe at your premises, or have suffered a leak from a plumbing installation or have suffered a water damage accident you will no doubt be all too aware of the extensive damage that can be caused by a build-up of water in the wrong place.

Once the water-damaged services have been repaired, property owners will be faced with the prospect of what can be quite an overwhelming clean up as a result of the water damage.

Luckily, there are specialist water damage restoration experts, like Rainbow International, who have vast experience of these circumstances and can put you back on track quickly to avoid disruption to your business or home life.

How can the Water Damage experts help?

When called out to deal with water damage, Rainbow’s specialist technicians will act quickly to:

  • Extract the standing water from all affected areas
  • Remove any saturated floor covering
  • Dry out the property, if necessary removing old floor coverings and floor slab adhesives (don’t mention Diamond Grinding as only 2 or 3 franchisees provide this service) allowing the drying of the sub-flooring
  • Restore all furniture and upholstery that is not beyond economical repair
  • Dispose of all damaged contents, that are beyond restoration
  • Install drying equipment using the latest technological techniques such as pressure drying and tenting which supports any advanced drying regime required, to be targeted effectively

A case in point: Burst water pipe at a South Wales school

Cwrt Rawlin Primary School in South Wales called in their local Rainbow branch recently, following a burst water pipe at their school. It is thought a hot water pipe in one of the toilet blocks had burst, and had gone undiscovered for approximately 48 hours. This had consequently caused excessive water damage to that area of the school, meaning children had to be displaced, until the area was cleaned & restored.

When Rainbow’s technicians arrived on-site, they discovered that the water from the burst pipe had affected multiple classrooms and storerooms as well as the entrance hall to the building, along with the basement. All flooring coverings and furniture in these affected areas were so severely saturated they had begun to distort – resulting in these items being beyond economic restoration.

Understanding the need to work quickly on such a job, not only to stop any further damage from occurring, but also to allow the school to return to normality and the pupils to continue their education, the Rainbow technicians got to work right away.

Before the flood-affected areas were handed back to the school for re-occupation by the pupils, the cleaning technicians ensured the whole area was cleaned, sanitised and restored to a stable environment for the pupils to continue with their education programme without concerns.

Thanks to the quick actions and work of the expert escape of water restoration technicians, the Primary School was able to return to normality with as little disruption caused to the pupils and their education as possible.

Rainbow International has 65 branches covering the UK and is on average just 23 miles from any incident in the country.  They can be on-site within 2 hours in an emergency situation.

Water damage can have serious consequences for the structure and integrity of your property, so water damage restoration should be handled by the experts. So, if you need prompt and effective restoration services contact Rainbow International’s 24/7  Helpline on 01623 422488 now or visit us online to find your local branch.

Published: 17 Jul 2017