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How Burst Pipes Are Creating An Escape of Water Crisis Across The UK

How Burst Pipes Are Creating An Escape of Water Crisis Across The UK

As the snow melts away, a rising tide of escape of water situations is emerging up and down the country.

16,000 people are without water in Ireland. Jersey Water has lost 6 million litres from burst pipes.

And it isn’t just the water companies that are struggling with burst pipes.

Here in the UK, the nation is feeling the pressure. Around 12,000 households in London and the South East were without water last weekend. This week, schools around the country remained closed as they struggled with water supply issues.

Homeowners across the country have been struggling with escape of water situations too. Those who have been away for a spot of winter sun have returned to find their homes flooded. Others have struggled to detect the source of leaks from burst pipes buried in walls, loft spaces, and even underground.

In fact, in the last week we’ve seen more claims than we would expect to see in a month.

So What’s Causing The Increase In Escape of Water Claims?

As temperatures in the UK hovered between -5 and -10 last week, water in pipes froze. When water freezes it expands, splitting the pipe. Once a decent thaw sets in and temperatures return to their above-freezing norms, the pipes can no longer contain the water (hence the term escape of water). Water pressure drops or water begins to pool, making a burst pipe apparent.

At Rainbow, we have specialist teams on standby to help with escape of water situations.

We have specialist leak detection equipment to help homeowners identify the source of an escape of water quickly and easily. This removes the need to pull up floorboards and channel out walls unnecessarily.

We also have teams that specialise in flood remediation.

These teams will remove standing water and dry your property thoroughly and hygienically, making it habitable as quickly as possible. They’ll take care of all that scrubbing and disposing of destroyed carpets and upholstery. They’ll even restore furniture that can be salvaged. So, at a time when it can seem like things are up in the air, you can focus on your day-to-day.

Rainbow International are recommended by many insurers. If your insurer doesn’t happen to have us on their list, ask if you can give us a call. In the last 30 years, we’ve worked with most insurers to get families up and running again with minimal upheaval.

If you realise you have an escape of water in the middle of the night, you can call our helpline on 01623 422 488. It’s manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for when you can’t wait until morning.

Published: 09 Mar 2018