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Is It Safe To Stay In A House With Smoke Damage?

Is It Safe To Stay In A House With Smoke Damage?

Smoke is much more invasive than you may think, and following a fire in your home, it might not be the top priority on your list.

It can be an extremely distressing and worrying time if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire in your home, but focusing on your health is just as important as restoring the building. As a result, smoke damage must be dealt with as quickly as possible by Rainbow International’s experts if you are to avoid any detrimental smoke damage health risks when it’s lingering in your home.

Whether it’s the whole house or just one room, it’s important to know how smoke damage can impact you if no action is taken to remove it.

What Is Smoke Damage?

Before you can begin to tackle the problem, understanding exactly what smoke damage is, is key.

The smoke itself is actually a complex mixture of chemicals that are left over from a fire, creating a greasy and dirty layer that coats anything it touches. Regardless of the size of the fire, smoke will be generated and will create soot and odour across your home.

The smoke will then travel to cooler areas of the building, reaching places you might not even be able to see, penetrating the contents of your home and its structure. This leads to damage through odour and breaking down of the wall, floor and ceiling coverings, and any valuables. Not to mention the overpowering smell of smoke that is a constant reminder of the fire, and the following smoke damage.

Is Smoke Damage Following A Fire Dangerous?

Smoke damage after a fire is not just unsightly and smelly, but it’s also dangerous to your health. Rainbow International’s experts recommend staying away from your home immediately after a fire to minimise the chances of you breathing in any toxic chemicals.

These toxic chemicals are a result of unclean combustion and the burning of materials that release further chemicals that are hazardous to humans, such as plastic and fabrics found in your home.

Smoke consists of all of these chemicals that can be lethal to humans at worst, and can cause serious medical issues at best. The more you linger in your home after a fire, the more likely you are to suffer these consequences.

The Health Risks Of Staying In A Smoke Damaged Home

These chemicals within smoke can enter your body whenever you breathe, but can even find its way through your eyes. Once it’s in your body it will get into your blood and poison your body, making it difficult to control the effects it will have on your health. Staying away from your home after a fire and hiring professionals from Rainbow International’s team will help to prevent this.

If you don’t, you run the risk of developing many illnesses, with the following three conditions being the most prevalent in people affected by smoke:

Eye irritation

Eyes are extremely sensitive to smoke and can become itchy and feel like they’re burning when smoke reaches them. High smoke concentration can even make them water and become bloodshot for a long period.

If smoke has reached your eyes, it’s important to immediately wash them out, followed by a cold compress to prevent any potential swelling or further irritation. If you don’t treat eye irritation, these conditions can become permanent and affect your vision and eye’s overall health for a long period.

Skin irritation

Your skin is your body’s first barrier to toxins, but it can still become damaged. If it is exposed to smoke damage, the soot and ash can get stuck in your skin’s pores causing acne, and rashes along with dry and ashy skin.

It can even damage essential collagen within your skin, causing your skin to dry out and age more quickly and wrinkle deeper than usual.

Respiratory problems

Respiratory issues are unfortunately very common when someone has been around smoke damage, due to the constant exposure to the toxic chemicals contained within the smoke. Burning throat and nose, along with shortness of breath and a cough are immediate symptoms of smoke damage, and can even kick start some nastier symptoms of asthma for sufferers.

Long-term respiratory damage can happen due to oxygen being held back from the blood by the carbon monoxide within smoke. This lack of oxygen in the blood can then cause damage to organs in your body that have become oxygen-deprived over time.

Who Is Most At Risk From Smoke Damage?

Anyone is at risk from smoke damage and it should not be taken lightly, even if you are already in good health. However, younger children and infants are at a higher risk, along with older adults and people suffering from respiratory and cardiopulmonary issues.

How Long Does It Take To Clear Smoke Damage?

Clearing smoke damage can be a difficult task due to its ability to find its way into every nook and cranny in your home.

As a result, it can take a lot of time to clear smoke damage from your home. The rooms will need to be aired as soon as possible, creating a strong airflow to ventilate the building, opening every window and door possible.

From here, you’ll want to place fans in the spots that are harder to reach. This will disrupt the settled soot and clear out the smell, but you’ll need to keep this air flowing throughout the building over a few days to ensure it’s thoroughly aired out.

Next, you can clean up using a solution of white vinegar, soap and warm water. Brushing this across all furniture, carpets and rugs, the solution will draw out any smoke that has settled, along with its foul odour and toxic chemicals. This solution can also be used to soak any clothes, covers, bedding and towels that can’t be brushed. You should also use it to wipe down every part of your home, not missing one inch.

How Rainbow International Can Help?

Whilst these steps are designed to free your home of smoke damage, it should be handled by a professional.

Disrupting smoke damage and being in close contact with the hazardous chemicals it’s composed of is extremely dangerous to your health. It is absolutely essential that the work is carried out using high-spec and purpose-built equipment and body protection.

Rainbow International’s team of experts are well equipped to look after your home and restore it to the condition you know and love so you can rest knowing everything is taken care of.

Our team are happy to help and support you and know just how important repairing your smoke damaged home is. So, get in touch to enlist their help in preventing any further damage and get back to loving your home today!

Published: 15 Jun 2022