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Rainbow Restoration, the UK’s largest disaster recovery and restoration business, are going from strength to strength since new ownership in 2021 and their decision to appoint top leadership from outside the sector was clearly a good one as their MD, Mark McMullen, continues to attract some of the best talent the industry has to offer. 

After a successful divestment from previous owners in 2021, Rainbow Restoration underwent a significant period of change for the better. From a new MD to a rebrand, the last two years have been a transformative journey that has propelled Rainbow Restoration to new heights of success. 

The company’s emphasis on value, people, planet, and speed aligns with their vision for excellence, and customers have responded positively to this focus.  

As the company continues to attract new customers, it becomes increasingly crucial to assemble a team that embodies these values and consistently delivers the exceptional standard of service they strive for.  

By doing so, they propel their commercial services to unprecedented levels, guaranteeing that their offerings are of the utmost quality and perfectly aligned with the ever-changing demands of their valued clientele. Through the utilisation of top talent, the company solidifies its position as a leader in the industry, delivering unmatched excellence to their customers. 

Building a talented team has been the master plan of Rainbow’s new MD, Mark McMullen:“Acquiring new talent and developing existing is a key component of Rainbow’s growth strategy, and we are thrilled to welcome highly skilled and experienced professionals who share our commitment to the customer. Combining their expertise, dedication and desire to succeed with that of the established team means we will continue to raise the bar in the disaster restoration and recovery sector.” 

So, who are the talented individuals who have joined Rainbow? 

Jason Lawal

Jason has joined the team as Rainbow’s new Senior Operations Manager for Major and Complex Loss, bringing with him over 30 years of learning and experience in the disaster management industry. His extensive experience encompasses diverse disciplines and project types across the world, having led teams in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.  

He takes a special interest in reducing Business Interruption, tackling non-standard and unusual projects where access and knowledge of techniques are stretched- from a bomb site in Asia to a hotel in Eastern Europe. Jason has chosen to settle in the UK and is keen to support clients who have experienced property damage of any kind. 

Spearheading our Major and Complex Loss provision, Jason is building upon our existing strengths and introducing the improvements and controls necessary to demonstrate that Rainbow Restoration UK is the leader in restoration projects of every scale. 

He adds, “I am delighted to have joined an already strong team, with such huge capabilities among its branch network, from the hundreds of trained technicians to the modern parc of equipment. I look forward to collaborating with existing clients and expanding our commercial and major loss offering.” 

Andrew Vincent

Andrew is Rainbow’s new Technical Manager, joining with an impressive 18-year tenure within the disaster recovery and restoration industry. Specialising in the commercial sector, Andrew has successfully managed a portfolio of large-scale commercial losses during his career. 

His career highlights include managing the recovery efforts for numerous significant incidents, including the £6m fire at a heritage site in 2011, £200,000 fire in a sports centre in Derby in 2017, and £500,000 fire in an aircraft parts manufacturer in Durham in November 2018. Andrew has further managed successful flood surge operations in Sheffield (2007), Lake District Cumbria (2009 & 2015), and across the whole of West Yorkshire (2015/16). 

Andrew’s extensive experience is complemented by his Senior BDMA tech qualification, and upon completing his examinations in 2020, he was nominated for the Dr. Barry White Award for attaining the highest mark of the year. 

Anthony Holland

Anthony has returned to Rainbow, having originally joined over a decade ago as a claims handler, making an auspicious entry into the insurance sector. He has gone from strength to strength, ultimately progressing into a lucrative career in Business Development, with a primary focus on commercial clients in disaster restoration and further work in the building repair and reinstatement market. 

Anthony’s passion centres on cultivating relationships with loss adjusters and brokers, including numerous household names within the insurance industry. Through his hard work, he has successfully secured multi-million pound contracts and gone on to manage key client accounts. 

During the challenging times of COVID19, Anthony collaborated on a project to develop a specialised deep cleaning system designed to combat the new virus. He spearheaded the sale of this innovative system to clients, generating an impressive £2 million of new business in a single year. 

In recognition of his industry expertise, Anthony was invited to sit as a judge at the Insurance Times Award Panel 2022 for three categories. He has been re-invited to judge again in 2023, which speaks volumes about the high regard for his contributions in the previous year. 

With Rainbow Restoration undergoing an exciting period of growth and change, there are boundless opportunities on the horizon, promising a prosperous future for all those involved. The new members of the team exemplify a commitment to innovation and excellence, which will play a vital role in their time ahead. 

Published: 06 Jun 2023