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Celebrating the installation of a life-saving defibrillator

Celebrating the installation of a life-saving defibrillator

The 7th of June marks an emotional milestone for everyone at Central Office. Over the past year, our team has dedicated their efforts to raise funds for two automatic external defibrillator (AED’s), and we are delighted to announce we have met that goal and installed these ready for use.

Suffering with heart-related issues is a cause that resonates deeply within our office, touching the lives of both our team members and their loved ones. We hold the health and well-being of our team as paramount, and it is touching to witness the collaborative efforts that have gone into providing care and reassurance to those who may encounter these difficulties.

Research from First Aid For Life has shown that deploying a defibrillator within 3–5 minutes of onset or collapse can produce a 50–70% survival rate. Using quality CPR in combination with this can increase the odds of someone’s survival from around 6% to 74%.

We have taken proactive steps to ensure each team member is equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to use this life-saving equipment. The comprehensive training that took place will ensure the health and safety of all our colleagues.

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Our partnership with Vitality and Movo has been instrumental to facilitating this initiative. We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to both companies who have supported us, collectively making a tangible difference in our workplace.

We’d also like to express our deep appreciation to The Oliver King Foundation, for their invaluable contributions delivering the AED’s and providing the crucial training. It has been an honour to collaborate with such an inspiring charity.

Alarming statistics from the British Heart Foundation show that a heart attack results in one hospital admission every 5 minutes in the UK. In light of this, we are immensely proud to announce our team’s unwavering commitment to supporting our colleagues during times of need.

The installation of the defibrillators serves as a symbol of our collective dedication to one another’s well-being and emphasises the shared responsibility we hold in fostering a safe and caring work environment.

Published: 16 Jun 2023