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6 Reasons To Use a Specialist Cleaning Franchise

Using a specialist cleaning franchise can be a great solution for home and business owners. There’s something about working with a recognised brand that delivers confidence and assurance when you’re looking for a cleaning service – whether it’s to deliver a one-off carpet clean, or to provide a fire restoration programme.

However, there are many more benefits to using a specialist cleaning franchise than just the assurance provided by a household name.

1. By using a specialist cleaning franchise you can benefit from tried and tested cleaning techniques and solutions.

Franchisees usually operate to strict cleaning techniques and often use specific, branded formula that has been developed over years of cleaning different surfaces. By using a franchise, you’ll benefit from those years of experience, product development and cleaning technique testing that small cleaning companies can’t offer.

2. All the specialist cleaning services you need in just one place.

When you use a specialist cleaning franchise, you can take advantage of just one supplier carrying out your high area cleaning, office contract cleans or external area blast cleaning. One supplier means just one set of paperwork, one invoice and one payment. It also means you can develop a long-term relationship with your cleaning services provider.

3. Access to more obscure ad-hoc services.

A specialist cleaning franchise can also offer more obscure services such as leak detection, fire restoration and even french Polishing services, all delivered with a level of expertise and experience that has been established by being a part of an international brand.

4. Benefit from increased reputable importance and a friendly and familiar feel.

With the specialist learning, training and resources that being a part of a specialised cleaning franchise can bring, using a local cleaning franchise means you still receive the personal care, and can develop that one to one relationship that comes with working with a small business, without compromising on skill and experience.

5. Branches near you, wherever you are.

This is particularly useful if you have a number of premises. With over 65 branches across the UK, it’s likely that Rainbow International will have a branch nearby, wherever you are.

6. Additional support if and where it’s needed.

Another benefit of working with a specialist cleaning franchise is the ability to call on the wider network for larger jobs, such as restoration work, where additional manpower or maybe even additional skills and experience is required. So, even if your local Rainbow branch doesn’t have the skills and experience required for a very specific task, it’s likely that they’ll be able to get the support that they need from other Rainbow franchisees to deliver the service you require with expertise and professionalism.

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Published: 25 Oct 2018