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Rainbow International is leading the way with its expertise and capacity for delivering Leak Detection and Water Trace & Access services

Rainbow International is leading the way with its expertise and capacity for delivering Leak Detection and Water Trace & Access services

Rainbow has recently conducted an intensive training schedule to upskill the majority of its nationwide network of branches to deliver the full range of Leak Detection and Water Trace & Access services in-house. Rainbow utilised the skills and expertise of Water Leak Trace & Access engineers within the network and worked with them to formulate this training course to enable it to be trained out to the rest of the Rainbow International branches. There are currently no set training standards for this service within the UK so Rainbow truly is leading the industry in setting those.

Over 50 branches nationwide are now fully trained which equates to over 90 engineers providing this service to customers throughout the length and breadth of the UK. This capacity is unrivalled within the Damage Management Industry, making Rainbow International true to their brand promise ‘We Restore, You Recover’.

The expertise of Rainbow’s Leak Detection engineers ensures that they can identify if a leak is present, using specialist equipment providing non-invasive methods to detect precisely where the leak is and managing a repair for the customer should this be required. Rainbow has recently worked closely with one of its key clients, RSA to launch a UK-wide water leak & detection service for home insurance policyholders which has now been successfully implemented.

Rainbow International operates a 24/7 emergency service. In addition, all of our Trace & Access engineers are fully competent in all types of water damage, therefore, ensuring a smooth transition to a drying regime if required. This full remediation programme will restore the property back to its original condition with little-to-no disruption to the living or working environment. As part of the service, our engineers will inspect a customer’s entire water system for full peace of mind.


Rainbow International is a national supplier of restoration and specialist cleaning services and the brand was conceived by the franchising giant, The Neighborly Group (formerly The Dwyer Group). Now owned within the UK by Consortium Group RF Limited, a consortium group of franchise owners. Mansfield headquartered Rainbow International is the UK damage management market leader. Handling over 20,000 projects per year, Rainbow delivers a world-class customer experience, minimises disruption to individuals, families and businesses, and delivers the highest level of technical expertise and efficiency, achieved through superb training, compliance and systems.

For more information contact Hannah Thompson, Marketing Executive

[email protected]

01623 675125

Published: 11 Nov 2021