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BFA board position for Steve Bramley

BFA board position for Steve Bramley

Steve Bramley, Head of the Support department at Rainbow International, has recently been elected onto the main board at the British Franchise Association (BFA). Board members are elected from the franchising industry and most of them are volunteers, so give up their time and provide their expertise to support to the BFA and to help raise the profile and opportunities for franchising in the UK. The BFA is the only self-regulating , voluntary accreditation body for franchising in the UK. Its remit is to develop and continuously improve the standards of good practice in franchising, and to accredit franchisors who meet these standards.

Steve, who is a Qualified Franchise Professional was formerly the Regional Chairman on the Midlands Forum at the BFA and following his key contribution on this panel has been elected onto the main board. The appointment has been sanctioned by the BFA members, their franchisors.

Steve will have specific responsibility on the Finance and General purpose committee to promote ethical franchising and to lobby the part franchising plays in the economy to peer and pressure groups, government departments and to industry and commerce. Today, franchising is a £15.1 billion industry, with over 44,000 franchised units and some 600,000 people employed in the industry, so it plays a very significant part in the UK’s economic growth and outlook.

Steve commented on his appointment:- “This is a great opportunity for me to continue to help the BFA with some of their great work and tireless efforts to promote the business and value of franchising across all of the stakeholder parties involved. I think that the BFA provide so many benefits to our members and I hope that my contribution will help to further strengthen the role that franchising plays in the British economy”.

Steve’s appointment is also very positive news for Rainbow International, having a senior member of our management team on the BFA board is excellent PR for our business and means that we can have first-hand insight into the BFA’s charter and progress they make in meeting their objectives.

Congratulations to Steve on his appointment, we him every success in his role with the BFA.

Published: 23 Apr 2016