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Don’t Let Your Gutters Get Blocked – The Risk Of Damage To Your Home

Don’t Let Your Gutters Get Blocked – The Risk Of Damage To Your Home

Every autumn and winter, one of the most common problems around the home is blocked gutters. Some people notice the telltale sign of overhanging leaves but do nothing about it. Others are simply none the wiser, until the secondary household damage proves costly enough to take late action.

Below, we’ve highlighted what happens if gutters are blocked and left untreated, and what to do if the damage is already done.

How do gutters become blocked?

If your gutters are clogged, the most likely culprit is autumn leaf fall. This can build up in your gutter system in no time at all, eventually leaving nowhere for the water to go. To add insult to injury, overly moist conditions can lead to moss and lichen growing in your gutters – all contributing to further blockages.

How to prevent blocked gutters

Addressing gutter blockages early is the best way to avoid any further consequences affecting the rest of your home. Getting a professional to check your gutters will ensure the water flow is as it should be. They’ll have proper gutter cleaning equipment that can remove blockages from where the eye can’t see. With your gutters checked, you can then accurately assess whether any further action needs to be taken.

What are the common problems caused by blocked gutters?

So, how can a few blockages wreak such havoc? Firstly, the weight of the sodden leaves can cause strain, potentially leading to broken gutters. When fixings that mount the guttering (like fascia boards) are compromised, you’ll need to employ gutter repair to prevent secondary damage to your property.

If standing water is also left to spill over the side, it can cascade down the outside of your house, loosening the pointing between brickwork and providing the perfect environment for algae to grow. Vast quantities of water seeping into the ground at one point over a long period of time could even cause severe structural damage.

How Rainbow International can help

Before you know it, the effects of water damage from blocked gutters can soon make themselves known inside your living space. The result? Bad odours, visible staining on walls and/or ceilings, and potentially harmful mould and algae compromising the hygiene of your home.

Rainbow International is a trading standards-approved organisation that can get your home back to its best in no time at all. Using the latest equipment, tools and techniques, we’ll return your living space to the clean and safe environment that it once was. Explore our expert water damage restoration and specialist cleaning service online.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your gutters at least once a year. Consider shortening this to every six months if you live near a lot of trees.

What are the signs of a clogged gutter?

A visible build-up of debris and leaves, water overflowing, and indoor water stains are all signs that your gutters are clogged.

Are clogged gutters dangerous?

Secondary damage of clogged gutters could cause leakages inside the home, leading to potentially dangerous electrical hazards and harmful mould growth.

Published: 15 Dec 2021