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Can A Water Leak Cause Structural Damage?

Can A Water Leak Cause Structural Damage?

A water leak is one of the most common yet frustrating problems you can face as a home or business owner. Not only can they lead to an immense waste of water (and therefore high water bills!), but they can also cause water leak structural damage as well as a variety of long-term health issues thanks to the resulting mould growth.

Whether you’ve got a leaky roof or signs of water coming from your appliances, it’s important to find the source and repair the issue as soon as possible. But doing so is often easier said than done…

Here, we outline the most common causes of a water leak, how to detect one, and the damage they can cause.

What Are the Common Causes of a Water Leak?

The most common causes of a water leak are high water pressure, temperature fluctuations, blocked drains and clogged toilets.

While you may enjoy a long, powerful shower in the morning, water pipes aren’t designed to withstand a massive amount of pressure for an extended period. They don’t deal well with excess hair, dirt or debris either!

How Can You Detect a Water Leak on Your Property?

A water leak can be difficult to detect – especially if it’s hidden behind a wall or underground. To ensure a small leak doesn’t become a big problem, we recommend monitoring the water pressure on your property. If it drops, or your water bill or meter is inconsistent, you may have a leak on your premises.

It’s also essential to investigate your appliances and fixtures for any signs of an escape of water. Water leak detectors used by specialist cleaning and restoration teams can then pinpoint the exact location.

Can a Water Leak Cause Structural Damage?

If left undetected, a water leak can threaten the structural integrity of your property. You may even notice serious foundation damage, which could put a substantial dent in your wallet.

If that wasn’t enough, the excess water and moisture in your walls and floors can promote mould and mildew growth, which can cause a range of unpleasant health issues. This is why it’s crucial to detect the source and fix the issue before things get out of hand.

How Do You Fix a Water Leak?

A water leak is one of those issues that’s best left to a professional. As it happens, we’ve been providing water leak services since 1987 and have access to the tools required to uncover the exact source of a leak, before excavating the area and offering to quote for the repair.

Our water damage restoration experts will provide you with reinstatement solutions as well as our leading drying-out services. They’ll even give your entire water system a once-over for full peace of mind.

How Rainbow International can help

If you’ve discovered a pool of water on your premises or any other signs of a leak, you need to act fast. That’s where our leak detection, trace and access team can help.

At Rainbow International, we provide leak detection and restoration services [LINK: Water Leak Detection LP] to homeowners, business owners, builders, insurance companies, and public sector and healthcare organisations across the whole of the UK.

To learn how we can help you find the source of a water leak and return your property to normal again, get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Leaks

Can a Water Leak Fix Itself?

No, a water leak cannot fix itself. In fact, they get worse over time. The great news is that we provide water leak structural damage and detection services and can pinpoint the source before restoring your property to its pre-incident condition.

How Much Does a Water Leak Cost to Fix?

The cost of fixing a water leak and its damage to your home or business premises completely depends on the nature of the problem and whether the leak is buried underground or behind a wall. Fortunately, you may be able to make a claim on your building or home insurance.

How Do I Know If I Have a Water Leak?

The first sign of a water leak is a puddle of water around your appliances or walls, a drop in water pressure or unexpectedly high water bills. If you notice any of these signs, call us straight away and we’ll use the latest tools and techniques to detect the source of the leak. Our 24-hour national helpline is 01623 422488.

Can Water Leaks Get Bigger If They’re Ignored?

Yes, a small leak can grow over time. It’s therefore essential to seek professional advice to avoid further structural damage and health problems due to long-term exposure. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, contact us immediately.

Published: 27 Oct 2021