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Branches across the UK come together to get the job done

Branches across the UK come together to get the job done

As a lot of people are now returning to offices, issues that had been missed previously now become a problem.

At the start of December 2021, James Hart was approached to carry out a Trace and Access job for a local Ipswich business. With not having the capacity to complete the large job, he turned to Ian Clarke and his team for help.

Ian’s colleague Greg was the first to go to the site and upon the first inspection, Asbestos was found in the building, which meant the job was put on hold until it was removed.

On the second inspection, work was allowed to be carried out and a large leak was detected, the only issue was where was the leak as it was echoing throughout the building.

The flooring was made from concrete and conduits, the building was 200m in length and spread across two floors, which (as a whole) was contributing to the echoing.

Like trying to find a needle in a haystack, the team searched the property to locate the leak and they found it, but it was in the one place they didn’t want it to be.

Located in a storage unit filled from top to bottom with boxes, the owner wouldn’t allow anyone to touch the contents. The team, yet again, was put on hold and waited several hours for the owner to remove the boxes so they could access the room.

Eventually, the team gained access and removed the flooring and degraded galvanised steel pipes, which would all need replacing.
The job cost upwards of £6000 and this did not include the costs that would come at a later date to do the restoration.
It’s great to see our Rainbow family working together to help our customers!

The customer and I would like to thank Dave, John and their teams for their help on this job. It was great to work as a team to help this customer. – Ian Clarke

Published: 18 Mar 2022