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What Type of Home Cleaner Are You?

What Type of Home Cleaner Are You?

Not everyone wants or needs a cleaning company to keep their home spick and span.

Whether it’s about the budget, having other people in your home, or just having a hectic schedule, there are plenty of reasons why you may prefer to do your own cleaning. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need a specialist cleaning company.

We see different types of home cleaners in our line of work. Different categories of home cleaners use our services in different ways. So, are you a Perfectionist, or a Purist? Maybe you’re a gap filler? Read our descriptions below to find out.

‘The Perfectionist’

Whilst you may prefer to keep your own home clean, and even hire a Rug Doctor from time to time, getting a specialist cleaning company in to spot clean rugs and carpets can keep your home pristine and help you to get rid of those stubborn stains that refuse to budge. Cleaning companies, such as Rainbow, use professional grade cleaning fluids and have an expertise that means their approach to stain removal can be more targeted and therefore more successful. So, getting in the specialists can be worth it when it comes to extending the life of your rugs and carpets.

‘The Gap filler’

Regardless of how able we are, time or sometimes equipment limitations mean that we can’t always do everything. Whether it’s needing a blast cleaner to remove graffiti, or help cleaning a high up area, there are some tasks where it just makes sense to get someone in with the right training and equipment. You’ll probably find that calling in the specialist cleaning experts for these tasks also leaves you with a better result and saves you time.

‘The Purist’

Puritans like to keep a good standard of cleaning all year round. However, they accept that professional cleaners have the right equipment to carry out a more thorough job, so once a year they arrange for a specialist cleaning company to carry out a deep clean. Using professional carpet cleaning equipment, they can clean deeper into the pile and remove more dirt and liquid from carpets and rugs. They also have the time and attention to be able to thoroughly clean food preparation areas, or high up areas, in a way that isn’t practical to do on a weekly basis.


So, whatever type of home maker you are, your efforts can be complimented with our professional cleaning services.

With 65 branches across the UK, there’s a Rainbow International branch on average just 23 miles from any postcode in the UK.

Call our 24/7 national helpline on 01623 422488 or find your nearest Rainbow specialist cleaning franchise branch.

Published: 18 Oct 2018