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How To Make Your House Move Easier | Domestic Cleaning Services

How To Make Your House Move Easier | Domestic Cleaning Services

Most people would never even think to book a moving house clean, but when moving house is considered one of the most stressful events in most people’s lives, why not make life a little easier? Moving house represents not just a change in address but quite often a new job or a life transition. It affects not just you but family and people around you.

The energy company E.ON conducted a survey of 2,000 people and 60 per cent of them said that moving was their most stressful life event, even beating divorce or a break-up.

Top ten tips for a less stressful house move

Rainbow International is often asked to do moving house cleans of either the new or old home so we would like to offer our advice on how to make the whole process that bit less stressful:

1. Contact your new utilities providers in advance. There’s nothing worse than spending the first night in your new home in the cold and dark.

2. Let everyone know your new address in advance. The Royal Mail runs a redirection service and you don’t want final warnings eventually landing on your new doormat months overdue.

3. Don’t waste money moving rubbish. Have a clear out, hold a garage sale, hire a skip if necessary. If you still have unopened boxes in the attic from the last move, get rid of them.

4. Pack smartly. The first things into a removals lorry are the last to come out so make sure your necessities go in nearest the doors. Pack a survival bag as if you’re going on holiday, so you know where the first night’s essential are.

5. Look after your valuables. Pack your delicate and valuable items, and your important papers separately, and make sure they are well labelled.

6. Don’t get stumped by your flat-packs. Keep instructions and those weird little spanners and bags of bolts together and labelled.

7. Plan everything in good time. Book your removals team with plenty of notice, arrange time off work in the run up to the move and start packing what you can NOW. Leaving it to the last minute could mean you’re paying for removals people to wait around.

8. Keep the children out of harm’s way. You don’t want curious kids getting under movers’ feet. Maybe they can stay at their grandparents’ or you can treat them to a day out while the house is busy. The same goes for pets.

9. Be nice to movers. They’re often young students and they work hard for their money. Make sure there’s tea and coffee on tap with biscuits to keep their energy up.

10. Hire professional cleaners. You won’t believe the years of accumulated grime and dust that can be seen once you’ve removed furniture and rugs. In addition, you don’t know what state your new home will be in, so why not get off to a clean start in your new home. A moving house clean from a professional cleaning service will be quicker, more thorough and you can spend your time better organising the move.

Moving house? Call in Rainbow International for a thorough moving house clean.

We ensure you move into an immaculately clean new home or that you can leave your old home without complaints from new owners or withheld deposits from landlords. To find out more about our services, contact our 24-hour helpdesk on 01623 422488 or email info@rainbowrestoration.co.uk.

Published: 16 May 2019