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Living options whilst your home is in flood remediation mode

Living options whilst your home is in flood remediation mode

If your home has been flooded, one of the most important questions you’ll want to ask is ‘how long until we can move back in?’

Having to leave your home whilst flood remediation work takes place can cause a great deal of upheaval. It can mean you’re further from work and school, further from friends and neighbours, and you don’t have your own belongings around you.

More often than not, the downstairs of your home may be affected, whilst the upstairs of your property may remain completely untouched.

If your property is unsafe to inhabit, your insurance company may cover the cost of alternative accommodation whilst flood damage repair works are ongoing. However, if it’s just one or two rooms that have been affected, there may be an alternative option that could enable you to stay in your home and continue with life as it was before the flood.

At Rainbow International, we provide kitchen and bathroom pods that can be parked in a single car parking space and have all of the necessities needed to create a fully-functioning room such as a cooker, microwave, sink, fridge and a water supply that runs off an external tap, or a toilet, basin and shaving plug.

These pods can sit on a driveway or in a garden, giving you hygienic and safe kitchen or bathroom facilities whilst your home is undergoing flood water extraction, cleaned and redecorated.

The kitchen and bathroom pods can be delivered and set down, and only require connection to an external 13 amp plug and an external tap for them to function fully.

To enquire about a kitchen or bathroom pod, or our flood remediation services, contact us on our 24-hour helpline by calling 01623 422488. With 70 branches across the UK, on average we have a branch just 23 miles from any postcode, so we’re likely to have a branch near you.

Published: 04 Oct 2019