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Fire And Flood Restoration Advice – Just A Phone Call Away

Fire And Flood Restoration Advice – Just A Phone Call Away

Whether you live in a small flat or a four bedroom detached house, your home is your castle and everything inside, treasured possessions. So what happens if there’s a fire or a flood, how would you go about organising fire and flood restoration, and could you afford to pay for the repairs or replace your TV or jewellery?

Getting the right insurance in the first place is vital to ensure that if the unthinkable does happen, you are covered. The next step is calling in experts, like Rainbow International Restoration, to assess the damage and restore your property back to how it was.

Buildings insurance:

If you have a mortgage on your home then it’s compulsory to have buildings insurance. It covers the cost of rebuilding your house if it’s damaged or destroyed.

It’s a good idea to regularly review your buildings insurance cover as rebuild costs tend to rise over time. Remember, if you improve your home, such as adding an extension or a loft conversion, the rebuild costs may also increase and you will need to make sure you’re covered.

Contents insurance:

You don’t just need to insure the structure of your home to make sure you are covered for fire and flood situations. You also need to insure its contents against loss or damage caused by theft, fire, storms, lightning, flooding or other water leakage, as well as explosions or earthquakes.

The contents of your home might be more valuable than you think. One in four households undervalues the contents of their home at £25,000. But, their true value is actually closer to £55,000. And it’s important to get the figure right so that your insurance will pay out in the event of a claim.

What is new for old?

Contents insurance is usually arranged on a new for old basis. In other words, if your TV is damaged by fire, the policy will pay out for a new one. However, some insurers offer indemnity policies that take into account wear and tear. So, if your TV is 10 years old, it will only pay out its current value, not its price when it was new, or the full cost of replacing the item with a new item in today’s market. Indemnity policies tend to be cheaper, but most people prefer new for old cover.

Fire and flood restoration – who to call:

With just one call to Rainbow, you can arrange the fire or flood disaster and recovery support you need. We are specialists in fire and flood restoration, knowing what can be restored hygienically and safely and what needs to be replaced.

We have a 24-hour helpline, so you can get help when you need it. And, as we have more than 60 branches across the UK, it’s likely that there’s Rainbow International branch within just 23 miles of your postcode.

Call us now on 01623 422488.

Published: 11 Nov 2019