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Get The Professionals In For More Successful House Fire Restoration

Get The Professionals In For More Successful House Fire Restoration

House fire restoration can be overwhelming at the best of times.

Seeing your home destroyed by fire is traumatic and it’s only natural that you feel a need to do something about it, and fast. Waiting around for the house fire restoration professionals can seem like it takes forever and it can be tempting to get stuck in yourself.

However, there are plenty of good reasons why you should appoint damage management practitioners for house fire restoration to help you get your home back together after a house fire.

A damage management practitioner will have the right training, health and safety equipment, and clothing to prevent smoke causing them any ill-effects during the cleaning. Aside from that, appointing a house fire restoration specialist can help you salvage more of your belongings.

And with our 24-hour helpline, available 365 days, you won’t be left waiting, wringing your hands.

At Rainbow International we help hundreds of homeowners to call their house a home again in the wake of a house fire.

We understand that the sooner fire damage restoration gets underway, the less damage the acidity of the smoke will cause.

Smoke damage from a house fire isn’t always instant

It only takes days for painted walls to begin to yellow permanently, for metals to corrode, and wood finishes to begin to be damaged by the acidity of the smoke.

It can also take just a few hours for clothing and upholstery to become permanently soot-stained. So, the sooner you get a specialist in to restore your home following a house fire, the more of your belongings you’re likely to be able to salvage.

Our house fire restoration specialists are trained in how to effectively decontaminate different materials affected by smoke to ensure all traces of the acidic substance is removed, preventing it from disintegrating your treasured contents.

They know what materials are likely to be damaged immediately and those that, if removed from a smoke-filled room quickly, stand a good chance of being recovered.

You see, smoke is highly acidic, so until a home that has been filled with smoke is thoroughly and meticulously decontaminated and everything is cleaned to remove all traces of the smoke, the acid can eat away at your belongings.

Water damage remediation and house fire restoration all under one roof

Our qualified damage management practitioners will also be able to establish the type of fire involved which in itself impacts the way fire restoration should be carried out. For example, high oxygen fires usually emit drier smoke that is easier to remove than a low oxygen fire would.

They’ll be able to identify whether your home will need to be treated for water damage, and if so, at Rainbow, we have water damage remediation specialists and specialist equipment too.

So, with just one call, you can arrange for the complete restoration of your home following a house fire.

At Rainbow International, we have over 60 branches across the UK, geared up to provide a rapid response when you need it.

Our teams are fully trained and qualified damage management practitioners and have the specialist know-how and equipment to ensure any smoke damage repair following a house fire is quickly and efficiently carried out to mitigate secondary damage and eliminate unpleasant odours. Find your local branch here or call our 24-hour helpline on 01623 422 488 now to find out how Rainbow can help you get your home back in service following a house fire.

Published: 10 May 2018