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Injection Drying

Injection Drying

Rainbow International South Wales & Bristol recently attended a property where a chimney caught alight above the lounge area in the attic space resulting in 80 percent of the roof of the property to burn away. This resulted in smoke, fire damage and water damage to the subfloors.

We carried out fire and smoke restoration cleaning to the property followed by installation of various drying regimes.

Injection Drying Machine.

Injection Drying Room.


One of the rooms in the property had an insulated floor with water trapped in between all the layers. Instead of the costly option of taking up the floor we were able to use a specialist injection drying regime as one method of drying this property. Prior to installation of equipment antimicrobial treatment had been flushed through the holes to sanitise and remove any stagnant water.

Injection drying is a system whereby we introduce pressurised warm dry air directly into wet cavities via a hose system, which is connected to holes that are drilled in the construction. The warm, dry air is forced through the wet construction, where the heat increases the vapour pressure in the damp material several times over and, in this way, increases the drying rate. The damp air is returned to the room via natural openings, or vent holes drilled in the construction, where it is taken into the dehumidifier and dried before it is forced back into the building construction.

Modern building regulations mean that this construction is more and more common. This advanced drying technique avoids the need for costly strip out, which can be devastating to property owners or tenants.

Injection Drying Different Angle.

Injection Drying Property Floor.

Published: 06 Feb 2020