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Rainbows new training initiative provides confidence to insurers

Rainbows new training initiative provides confidence to insurers

Many of ISS Restoration’s head office team attended the BDMA Insurance Technicians Training course.

Rainbow International – as part of the ISS Restoration Group – has taken advantage of the latest BDMA (British Damage Management Association) training opportunities to gain BDMA accreditation.

As the UK’s certifying authority for the Damage Management industry, the BDMA has growing influence and authority amongst UK insurers and within the Disaster Recovery & Restoration industry. It is committed to raising industry standards, providing accreditation for professional practitioners and facilitating recognition of specialist services in the Disaster Recovery and fire and flood restoration sector.

Many ISS Restoration management and technical staff attended the BDMA’s Insurance Technician training course at ISS Restoration’s world leading training facility recently. The course is designed to develop the technical capability all those who attended with their understanding of Fire & Flood Restoration and Recovery. Following the course the delegates will be sitting the BDMA’s Insurance Technicians exams later in the year.

BDMA accreditation is required for technicians on-site for both ISS Restoration and Rainbow International teams and the head office staff have taken the lead by showing their commitment to the process and to enhancing their understanding of the issues being faced every day by the teams on the “coal face”.

Ron Rookledge, Rainbow International’s Technical Manager commented:

“We aim to have our technical teams qualified to the very highest standards in the industry, so it’s great that many of our internal management and technical staff have the same degree of understanding and technical capability. It helps the claims process run so much more smoothly and efficiently by having everyone involved with the claim on a similar level of competency from a technical perspective”.

The flood and fire restoration experts who understand insurance

Rainbow International’s latest training initiative means that Rainbow International clients can be assured of the highest standards of professional advice in the face of disaster which may have caused flood damage or fire damage to your property.

BDMA accreditation is just one of the initiatives which ensures that Rainbow International continues to be used by many of the UK’s major insurance companies on their domestic and commercial policyholder’s claims.

Rainbow International offer a 24hr Hour Call Out Service on 01623 422488 and have more than 70 branches across the country. Click here to find your local branch.

Published: 26 Aug 2016