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How To Protect French Polished Furniture

How To Protect French Polished Furniture

French polishing is often used on antique furniture to create a high-shine finish. It’s created by the application of a resin called shellac. Whilst French polished furniture can look exquisite, with the polish bringing out the definition in the grain, it’s softer than most modern-day polishes and finishes, and therefore needs to be cared for.

Used extensively in the Victorian era, many of us now living in the disposable age of Ikea and melamine, hang on to our heirlooms; the odd chair from the grandparent’s house, or maybe the antique dining set. Aside from looking beautiful, they can also hold a lot of sentimental value too, so it’s essential to look after them.

The process of french polishing furniture is a time-intensive one that requires a good degree of patience and expertise. So unless you have both of these in bucket loads, it pays to call in the experts to reapply a French polish to your furniture or flooring.

Aside from annual polishing, there are a number of protective measures you should take to keep your French polished furniture in tip-top condition.

  1. Keep your French polished furniture out of bright sunlight and away from direct heat which can soften the shellac, so that even the lightest things can leave behind marks if they are placed on the furniture.
  2. Polish regularly with a dry microfibre cloth to keep your French polished furniture looking shiny.
  3. Never wax your French polished furniture – it’ll leave behind a streaky finish that will be a nightmare to shift.
  4. Use coasters or placemats to avoid spills and, if you do spill liquid, mop it up immediately, then dry it thoroughly to avoid leaving a misty white mark.
  5. Always use a heat mat under anything hot. Extreme heat can melt the surface of the shellac coating and leave a mark – one sure-fire way to always remember a meal!

At Rainbow we have 60 branches across the UK, many of which have a French polishing specialist.

You can find your nearest branch on our website, or give us a call on our 24/7 helpline 01623 422 488, 365 days of the year.

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Published: 16 Aug 2018