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Why Your Hotel Or Restaurant Needs Pre-Christmas Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Why Your Hotel Or Restaurant Needs Pre-Christmas Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Christmas is always a good time for hotels and restaurants to reach out to new business.

A fresh stream of customers coming through the door for Christmas parties and Christmas dinners pose a great opportunity. Good service and great food can go a long way to securing bookings that will see you hitting your targets for next year.

But smoke caused by greasy ducting won’t do you any favours. Investing in kitchen duct cleaning and a deep clean of your commercial kitchen is essential for providing a hygienic environment. One that both your staff and your customers can enjoy.

Your legal obligation to keep your commercial kitchen clean

Kitchen deep cleans will impress your customers and help you gain their confidence and repeat business. They make your kitchen safer too, reducing the risk of fire.

Hotels and restaurants are required by The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to demonstrate they have a cleaning protocol in place. Scheduling regular [deep commercial kitchen cleaning] can provide important evidence of your approach to food hygiene if the authorities stop by.

Commercial kitchen cleaning is about more than kitchen grease extraction

Deep cleaning by a commercial cleaning specialist will involve removal of grease deposits using steam cleaning and chemical-based cleaning. Without a commercial kitchen deep clean, these grease deposits build up. They cling to surfaces collecting dirt and dust and filling your kitchen with germ-harbouring grime. But, contrary to public belief, kitchen grease extraction isn’t where commercial kitchen cleaning ends.

A deep clean should involve the removal of carbonised foods and liquids. If these aren’t removed, they can create unpleasant or even harmful fumes that your kitchen staff will breathe in, or even pose a fire risk. Semi-liquid sediment should be removed from equipment and surfaces. And kettles, urns and dishwashers should all be descaled to keep food and drinks tasting great.

Kitchen duct cleaning

One part of a kitchen deep clean that is often overlooked is regular kitchen duct cleaning. Keeping your ducts in tip-top condition is essential to keep ductwork operating effectively to remove dirty air and steam and keep your kitchen safe and hygienic. You can read more about industry standards for keeping extraction ducting in commercial kitchens clean here.

Does all this cleaning sound like a mammoth job? It is. Especially when you consider the turnaround time before your next sitting.

Rainbow’s commercial kitchen cleaning specialists have the equipment, skills and experience to conduct a thorough deep clean of your commercial kitchen quickly and seamlessly, helping you to remain compliant with health and safety regulations, and ensuring hygiene best practice whilst keeping kitchen downtime to a minimum.

With 70 branches across the UK, we’re bound to have a branch near you – on average there is a Rainbow International branch just 23 miles from any postcode in the UK.

Call our 24/7 national helpline on 01623 422488 or visit our website to find a branch near you.

Published: 24 Nov 2017