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A Guide To Commercial Deep Cleaning

A Guide To Commercial Deep Cleaning

When it comes to ensuring business facilities are fit for purpose, commercial deep cleaning is the answer. Unlike house cleaning, this requires a whole range of different approaches to meet the needs of various sectors and clients (such as retail, hospitality and facilities management). Deep cleaning services cover areas such as:

If your commercial building is in need of a deep clean, be it for routine or specialist purposes, then our guide will provide all the finer details you need to get started. Firstly, let’s take a look at what supplies you can expect to be used in the cleaning of your space.

What supplies are needed for a commercial deep clean?

Commercial buildings can be busy places, often with staff and members of the public passing through and using facilities. They’re typically much larger in size compared to domestic properties too, so the cleaning tasks involved require additional supplies to get the job done.

Besides regular cleaning products and high-powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and jet washers are commonly used. Fogging machines are also essential for coronavirus deep cleaning, ensuring the sanitisation of large surface areas.

What appliances are cleaned during commercial deep cleaning?

On a commercial job, the type of cleaning required will vary depending on the industry, with differing cleaning products needed to suit the task. From restaurants to offices, filth, bacteria and general dirt accumulates on daily-use appliances. Some of these include:

  • Extractor fans
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Water fountains/coolers
  • Urinals
  • Cash tills
  • Lifts
  • Warehouse machines

What’s involved in commercial deep cleaning services?

Whether it’s routine or specialist cleaning, let’s take a closer inspection at what you can expect from the services provided for each sector.

Office deep cleaning

Return-to-work cleans get your office business-ready from top to bottom. This includes everything from ventilation and carpet cleaning to the restoration of damaged areas. When a deep cleaning service has worked its magic, your premises will be ready for employees to get working again.

Hospital deep cleaning

Ensuring everything is cleaned and disinfected in this type of commercial environment is of paramount importance. That’s why it makes sense to hire professionals to ensure the health and safety of staff and patients. This often entails bodily fluid cleans and accident recovery.

School deep cleaning

Public sector buildings, like schools, are responsible for the safety of hundreds or even thousands of children and staff. Infection control, hygiene and overall cleanliness are a top priority here – and it goes a lot further than mopping the floor.

Hotel deep cleaning

The cleaning requirements of a hotel are uniquely extensive. With rolling guests and quick room turnovers, the regular cleaning staff can only cover what they see at the time. Deep cleaning services go further, also dealing with unexpected incidents requiring professional restoration.

Restaurant deep cleaning

Hospitality buildings are subject to strict hygiene standards, which can make or break for a business. From oven cleaning to damage restoration, deep cleaning services ensure a safe environment and satisfactory customer experience.

Retail deep cleaning

Retail buildings place high importance on creating a good impression on the public, as well as ensuring cleanliness for staff and customers. Graffiti is a common issue here – and a professional company will possess the right cleaning products to remove it.

Industrial and warehouse cleaning

The size of a warehouse building is the biggest challenge to cleanliness in this industry. But it’s no problem for a professional cleaning company. Every corner will be covered, ensuring the health and safety of the space along the way.

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning

Where food production is involved, dirt and grime can easily find its way into inaccessible places – even after a good clean following a shift. Professional deep cleaning services will get to those areas, ensuring your kitchen is inspection-ready.

How often do I need commercial deep cleaning services?

Although deep cleans are less frequent than routine sweeps, they’re becoming more essential to keep up with the demands of coronavirus guidelines. It also depends on the sector in which your building operates. Many operate on a six-month rotation of such services – but this is merely a guide, not a rule.

Deep cleaning is typically more time-consuming than regular cleaning, but with a professional service, cleaning teams will ensure the job is done to a high standard with minimum downtime. Rainbow International follows extensive cleaning checklists to the letter, with stringent risk assessment protocols in place.

Take a look at our commercial deep cleaning services to see the vast capabilities that our experts possess. And if you need help with your building, please get in touch today.

Published: 23 Jun 2021