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Specialist Cleaning Services For Hotels

Specialist Cleaning Services For Hotels

Hotels can be complex places to manage with busy kitchens, bustling restaurants, and a high turnover of rooms and functions. The required variety of specialist cleaning services for hotels can be quite overwhelming.

Trying to find different, reliable specialist cleaners for each of these areas can take a lot of time that you don’t really have.

At Rainbow, we offer a variety of specialist cleaning services for hotels. So you can get all the specialist cleaning expertise you need with just one phone call.

Here are a few of the services that we provide to hoteliers and restaurateurs.

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Around seven thousand people are injured in UK hotels and restaurants every year due to commercial kitchen fires.

Grime is one of the leading causes of kitchen fires. As grime fires are typically caused by dirt, fat deposits or rubbish setting alight, regular kitchen grease extraction and kitchen deep cleaning can help reduce the risk of fire within your hotel or restaurant.

Trauma scene cleans

Any hotel manager knows that regrettably, this is part and parcel of hotel management. Trauma scenes often involve biohazardous waste that needs professionally removing by a trained operative, in a safe and efficient manner.

Sparkle cleans

From one extreme to the other – One of the best things about being a hotel manager is the fabulous functions – the launch of a new function suite or the opening of a new restaurant or wing.

A sparkle clean before the big day can really help to add the wow factor and make a good impression on the press and guests you’ve invited.

Sparkle clean specialists at Rainbow are used to putting the shine into spaces that are thick with builder’s dust.

Odour control

Hotels can also harbour some ‘interesting’ odours. Sometimes the cause, like a blocked drain, is obvious. Other times, less so.

Rainbow has odour control units across the country that don’t just specialise in removing the odour but help you to pinpoint the cause of it too.

Ventilation Duct Cleaning

Some odours can be caused by blocked or poorly circulating ventilation ducts.

Regular ventilation duct cleaning can help you keep your hotel hygienic, maintain the correct temperature and even avoid sick building syndrome.

To keep your ventilation ducting in good condition it should be cleaned regularly. Experts can help you to ensure cleaning of these hard to access spaces is thorough and efficient.

Rainbow provides specialist cleaning services for hotels to help you keep your hotel in top condition. We have 70 branches across the UK, so we’re bound to have a branch near you – on average there is a Rainbow International branch just 23 miles from any postcode in the UK.

Call our 24/7 national helpline on 01623 422488.

Published: 01 Dec 2017