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Why A Sparkle Clean Can Make Building Life Post-Handover, Easier

Why A Sparkle Clean Can Make Building Life Post-Handover, Easier

Building sites can get pretty filthy and there’s something about brick dust that means, aside from it being thick and bright orange, it gets everywhere!

With a detached property setting new home-buyers back an eye-watering average of £342k, it’s no surprise that today’s buyers want value for their money.  And for many commercial business start-ups, a clean, pristine building is absolutely critical for a successful launch, particularly in the retail and leisure sectors.

This may well explain the increasing tendency for snagging lists to run into insomnia-inducing pages. Each of these points is an equally important demand on your building team’s time. However, a builder’s clean to help make a new home or business sparkle, is one way you can minimise these lists.

There’s no second chance to make a good first impression, so why not make it a good one.

Sparkle clean your way to a good first impression

sparkle clean prior to handover will not only get the home or business premises fit for a relatively easy moving day, it will also put buyers and customers in a more confident frame of mind about their purchase or the business.

With buyers and customers feeling positive about their sparkly new purchase, you’ll have the best chance at keeping those snagging lists to manageable proportions, reducing the time you need to commit to post-handover snagging and improving customer relations.

Our [builder’s clean] specialists will work around your schedule to fit a sparkle clean in between sign off and completion. We’ll work alongside your on-site teams to ensure there are no delays. Our unrivalled expertise in domestic and industrial cleaning means we have the right equipment and know-how to conduct a thorough clean quickly and efficiently, enabling you to hand over a sparkling new-build property.

Rainbow International provide sparkle clean services to building companies to help them get rid of that post-construction dirt, dust and grime, and make that first impression on your new home buyers or business customers a good one. With 70 branches across the UK, we’re bound to have a branch near you – on average there is a Rainbow International branch just 23 miles from any postcode in the UK.

Call our 24/7 National Helpline on 01623 422488 or visit our website to find a branch near you

Published: 27 Oct 2017