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What Is a Builders Clean?

What Is a Builders Clean?

If you’ve ever lived on or near a building site, you’ll understand how building sand and dust gets everywhere. It clings to your windows, gets into your carpets, and sits heavy on your sideboards.

It’s unsightly and unhygienic, and can debase even the loveliest looking structures.

A post-build clean can be time consuming, removing all the dust and dirt from each different type of surface, before buffing to a fine shine.

Often, a builders clean is requested by the building company before the keys are handed over, or by owners following a renovation project, but what does a builders clean entail and why does it make sense to call in the professionals to do this particular dirty work?

Rainbow International Builders Cleans will cater for your needs. So, if it’s a matter of buffing up the windows, or removing dust from deep within the carpet pile, cleaning and sanitising public areas or steam cleaning to remove bacteria from worktops and floors, our highly responsive technicians are available to help.

However, when you use Rainbow, the service you can expect goes well beyond a facelift. We have over 60 branches nationwide which means that, as staff at Alton Towers found out, cleaning teams can be mobilised at short notice.

Following the building of Alton Tower attraction, ‘Nemesis Sub Terra’, Alton Towers contacted Rainbow to request a quote for a builders clean. Within an hour, the branch manager was onsite and within three hours, Alton Towers staff had a quote in their hand. The very next day, our cleaning teams were deployed.

It’s not just the availability of our cleaning teams either.

An Edinburgh building contractors contacted Rainbow Edinburgh to arrange a builders clean for a showroom due for completion. However, there was one snag – the building handover was scheduled for just 5 days to enable Arnold Clark to open on time. This already-tight time frame was reduced further when the building work overran. This didn’t deter the Edinburgh-based team who pulled out all the stops to deliver a sparkling showroom on time, soda blasting external walls, cleaning external metal cladding with high level cleaning equipment, power washing the forecourt, mono-block and tarmac, and cleaning all the glass panelling and aluminium frames inside and out. Our builders clean teams swept, vacuumed, agitated and cleaned using the high pressure truck-mount system, to deliver a sparkling showroom on time for the grand opening.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Builders Cleans can help you get into your new building as quickly as possible, give us a call on 01623 422488 to arrange a site visit and quote.

Published: 10 Sep 2019