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Industry Spotlight: Construction Cleaning Services

Industry Spotlight: Construction Cleaning Services

As the warm seasons roll in, so does peak time for the completion of construction projects. At Rainbow, we’re kept busy throughout this period, transforming dusty sites into visual delights with our top-notch construction cleaning services.

As the sun shines upon completed ventures, we stand ready to bring out their brilliance. Read on to discover how our expert touch can overhaul your property and give it that dazzling finish.

In the industry we use specialist terms such as ‘builders clean’ and ‘sparkle clean’ to refer to the deep clean needed following intense construction and renovation work. Our construction cleaning services are essential for first impressions, and have many advantages:

  • Adding value to your property, helping you attracting buyers & seal the deal.
  • Improved safety from the removal of hazardous materials and air pollutants such as dust, debris and sharps.
  • Efficient time savings by relying on experts to get the job done.
  • Improving your relationship with the homeowners (helpful as you could find yourselves living and working alongside each other for a while).
  • Reducing the likelihood of minor issues becoming more major ones on the snagging list, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing the likelihood that the new homeowners will buy from you again in future.

Professional cleaners have the equipment and skills to carry out each task to a high standard. However, they can also work around your existing tradesmen to ensure that last-minute glitches or the need for cleaning don’t delay handover.

There are varying types of construction cleaning services that will help your new home handovers go smoothly.

Four Ways Construction Cleaning Services can benefit you

Carpet cleaning

Picture this: it’s the day before you’re due to hand over the keys and a tradesman steps on the newly varnished threshold and then onto the carpet. You’ve got 24 hours to remove a seemingly indelible footprint, and no amount of water is doing the job.

Wet paint brush on carpet.

Scrubbing with water and supermarket stain removers can leave watermarks on the carpet or even spread the stain, making it even more difficult to remove.

This happens more often than anyone would guess, and when it does it doesn’t have to delay completion. The trick to saving the carpet is to call in the professionals quickly.

Our professional carpet cleaning services utilise industrial grade cleaning fluids and equipment that can remove the majority of stains, however stubborn. Paired with an understanding of the different types of materials and fibres and how to treat them, professional cleaning is your best chance at removing those stains quickly and effectively.

Builders’ Cleans

On a building site, sand and dust sticks to everything. Windows, soffits and fascias – you name it.

Builder in dusty environment.

Ensuring a dust-free new-build property before handing over the keys enhances your brand image and creates a positive experience for buyers during their initial days in their new home. Also referred to as a Sparkle Clean, a Builders’ Clean, involves thoroughly removing all dirt, dust and grime from a new home, inside and out.

At Rainbow Restoration, we have teams that are trained and equipped to carry out a builders’ clean on single or multiple properties. We can fit around your tradesman to help you get the new owners into their property as quickly as possible.

Sparkle cleans aren’t just for residential properties either. We also carry out sparkle cleans of newly built showrooms and retail facilities too.

Leak detection

After a property is connected to mains water and sewage, potential problems may arise. Poor connections or compromised pipes during construction can lead to extensive damage if not promptly addressed.

Rainbow Restoration uses advanced equipment like thermal imaging, tracer gas and acoustic testing to swiftly pinpoint water leaks with minimal disruption to you and new homeowners.

Blast Cleaning

Unattended building sites can often attract unauthorised graffiti artists. Unfortunately, their artistic expressions are typically not welcomed by homeowners or prospective buyers.

Graffiti on construction site.

Our blast cleaning teams can remove all traces of graffiti quickly and easily, ensuring you won’t deter buyers and or disrupt new homeowners.

It’s not just graffiti either. That tin of paint that was dropped on the newly laid tarmac – we can get that cleaned up in a jiffy.

With over 50 Rainbow branches across the UK, you’ll be able to find a branch near you to deliver a quality clean, when you need it.

Use our Postcode Search to find your local branch or call our 24-hour helpline on 01623 422 488 now to find out how Rainbow can help you make a great first impression on new homeowners with their construction cleaning services.

Updated: 08/08/23

Published: 08 Aug 2023