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Hoarders property – from densely cluttered to clear and clean in 3 days

Hoarders property – from densely cluttered to clear and clean in 3 days

Rainbow International’s expert specialist cleaning technicians were called upon to clean, decontaminate and restore a property following the passing of the tenant.

Over many years the late tenant had hoarded and amassed a staggering amount of clutter and rubbish in the property. This resulted in an unsafe and unpredictable environment for people entering the property. It was not practical or safe for untrained cleaners or staff to enter the property until it had been properly cleared, as there was an uncertainty about what dangers could reside within the rubbish.

The experienced technicians at Rainbow are fully trained and qualified in the cleaning and handling of potentially unstable properties, materials and bio-hazards. So they got to work right away, firstly clearing all of the rubbish and waste from the property, and then cleaning and decontaminating all rooms to restore them to their pre-incident condition. It took three technicians three days to clean, decontaminate and repair the property for re-letting, ensuring there was not a stalling of income stream for the landlord.

Due to the condition of the contents nothing was salvageable; so everything was discreetly, quickly and safely disposed of. The technicians also did a needle sweep of the property to ensure there was no risk of injury or incident to others entering the property. Following the meticulous work done by Rainbow’s technicians, the landlord was delighted with the results.