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Discreet fire clean-up operation at luxury country house hotel

Discreet fire clean-up operation at luxury country house hotel

A luxury country house hotel had experienced quite a severe fire in the laundry quarters of their building. The resulting damage affected the laundry and linen store, the main laundry room, corridors and the staff dining room. Rainbow was asked to provide the prime contractor with a cost effective solution to cleaning the interior fire damage; whilst maintaining a low profile effectively being invisible to the hotel guests and staff.

In ensuring the customers’ requests were adhered to the Rainbow technicians had a few factors to overcome:

  • How to ensure as little disruption as possible to the hotel guests and the staff when carrying out clearance, strip out and most importantly blast cleaning work which generates resonates through the building.
  • How to phase the work to fit in with other contractors.

Rainbows approach was to produce and communicate detailed risk assessments and method statements for the client, giving them confidence that their responsibility for health and safety are being fulfilled.

Work was split into phases working alongside other contractors. The initial priority was to extract the standing water; left as a result of the water used to extinguish the fire, and install drying equipment to minimise the chance of further water damage occurring. Along with this all items that were damaged in the fire and deemed beyond economical repair were disposed of. All items that were able to be restored were taken off-site for specialist cleaning.

Phase 2:

This phase saw the fire restoration technicians carry out a fire clean inside the laundry and linen store, to remove soot and smoke damage. Blast cleaning was used to remove the heavy deposits. Once the whole area had been cleaned, soot lock was applied to the brickwork ready for the contractors to begin redecoration.

Phase 3:

After a pause to allow specialist dismantling of the laundry equipment, the technicians resumed blast cleaning the areas previously inaccessible to them. Once the full area had been cleaned and treated this was then handed over for reinstatement works to commence.