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  5. Major mains burst affects over 120 households
Major mains burst affects over 120 households

Major mains burst affects over 120 households

A fast response by Rainbow International helped 120 householders to recover from massive flooding after a mains supply pipe burst at Bramcote near Nottingham.

Twenty five houses were so badly flooded that the occupants had to be evacuated while the rest suffered flood damage to gardens and driveways. Rainbow International were called in by Severn Trent Water, Broxtowe Borough Council and insurers Aviva and RSA to help flood victims. The affects of the burst pipe were on such a scale that some 17,000 households were without water supplies and several schools were closed and up to 60 people were evacuated, many of them elderly residents.

Rainbow Nottingham’s Project Manager & Director linked up with their neighbouring branch to deploy 30 technicians and a fleet of 18 vehicles to tackle the aftermath of the flooding. Water was pumped out of houses and contents salvaged and taken for restoration and storage while dehumidifiers were deployed to dry out the worst affected homes.

Nottingham’s Director said: “We are carrying out full restoration and cleaning of carpets and upholstery, PAT testing of electrical equipment and French Polishing.”

“Houses are being dried, cleaned and fully sanitised using special chemicals to destroy bacteria and mould from walls and floors. Air Manager and Air Storm units have been deployed to kill off airborne bacteria.Through combining resources we have been able to provide a very strong and effective response to this major incident.”

“Our combined storage capacity is 15,000 sq ft where home contents can be restored and kept safe until homes have been dried, cleaned and repaired to enable people to move back in.

“We have also worked closely with the loss adjusters and with their co-operation have carried out door to door enquiries to assess which households are insured and which are not.”

The team were called in by the local authority to clean a number of homes specially adapted for special needs residents. In addition, the local council provided instructions for the clean up of roads, pavements and public car parking areas.

Rainbow’s Derby Director said: “The whole operation has worked smoothly and effectively and we are grateful to Severn Trent Water for their excellent co-operation and fast response to our request for water supplies.”

Nottingham’s Project Manager added: “Our two teams have worked well together and this combined response has resulted in Rainbow obtaining up 95 percent of this work.”