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A collaboration to save the planet – Composty Partnership

A collaboration to save the planet – Composty Partnership

As Rainbow rallies to #RestoreThePlanet, we have decided to join ventures with a very special eco-conscious company. With similar values and mutual aspirations for the future, we are very excited to introduce our friends at Composty and the newest member of our promotional merchandise, the eco-friendly Pop-Up Sponge.

Composty’s ethos is to break down the barriers of exclusivity in the sustainable lifestyle, by providing eco-friendly affordable alternatives to regular household items. They are dedicated to the cause and share the same passion for treating our earth with compassion.

We’re particularly fond of their Pop-Up sponges, which are delightful to watch come to life and leave dishes and surfaces squeaky clean. ‘Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!’ really comes to mind.

Composty and Rainbow International branded Pop-Up sponges.

Moreover, these sponges are plastic free, fully compostable, and in completely recyclable packaging. An entirely guilt-free alternative to your standard synthetic sponge, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, if it does at all.

If you’re lucky enough to find our stand at an event or conference, definitely grab one of our goodie bags, as there is a chance you could get your hands on one of these beauties.

Composty currently run an initiative to plant one tree for every product sold, so we would highly encourage you to check out their website if you are needing a re-stock on your cleaning supplies. Be sure to also take a look at their ‘Hack Shack’ which is host to a variety of blogs on how you can help to save the earth by living more sustainably.

If you haven’t heard, Rainbow is on a mission to become an industry leader in sustainability. We have an ambitious plan to combat the impact our business is having on the environment, with the end goal being to become completely Net Zero.

As part of this mission, we are currently working with our supply chain to reduce our indirect emissions caused collectively. We are actively partnering with companies we believe encompass the belief that we all have a right to a green future. Many hands make light work, and we are proud to champion those who are advocates of this message.

We’re excited for the positive change this partnership will bring and we’re overjoyed they have joined us in our mission to #RestoreThePlanet.

Composty Pop-Up Sponge Merchandise displayed against plant.

Published: 08 Feb 2023