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4 Other Services to Help You Stay on Top of Essential Home Maintenance

4 Other Services to Help You Stay on Top of Essential Home Maintenance

Our extensive professional fire and flood restorations have earned us a strong reputation among homeowners and insurers. Our expertise and reliability are the reasons often quoted by insurers who recommend our services to their customers.

However, when people talk about Rainbow International, it’s usually in relation to our fire and flood restoration, French Polishingleak detection services or even our high access cleaning. However, there are many more services that we offer our clients to help keep homes and offices in a good state of repair all year round.

Here are 4 of our lesser-known services that we carry out with equal amounts of expertise and professionalism:

Leather care

Leather can be a great fabric for upholstery. It can be wiped clean. It’s strong and long-lasting. It stays cool in summer – and looks great. At least it should. However, when it tears, fades or gets scuffed, it quickly loses its appeal.

Leather care and restoration are a key part of Rainbow’s services. Rainbow International’s leather restoration specialists can restore or repair any item. From a minor tear to completely recovering a frame, our Leather Care specialists can breathe life back into your tired-looking leather upholstery. We even offer a recolouring service.

Alternative Accommodation

We’re not just about restoring properties following a fire or flood. At a time that can be most traumatic for home and business owners, we pride ourselves in helping you navigate the challenges that a disaster in the home can bring. From working with insurance companies to helping life to continue as usual, wherever possible.

To assist you in carrying on your daily routine, we offer Alternative Accommodation Pods. These clever little pods provide essential bathroom or kitchen facilities, so you can continue to live in any unaffected rooms in your home, if possible.

Professional Advice

Our professional advice extends beyond the best way to remedy a disaster such as a fire or a flood. As well as understanding the types of damage that different situations can cause, and the best way to address these, our professionals are able to advise on how to avoid situations such as the escape of water, or mould, from recurring.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used to clean all types of electrical goods including computers and TV’s, sports equipment, window blinds, white goods such as toasters, microwaves, etc, wheelchairs, jewellery, glass and porcelain.

The thorough nature of ultrasonic cleaning means that this can often be used in fire and flood restoration projects to deliver a higher success rate.

With today’s heightened awareness of the need to be environmentally friendly, ultrasonic cleaning ticks all the boxes. It uses very low levels of chemicals and can still clean and sanitise to a much higher level than conventional ‘wet cleaning’.

To find out more about any of these services, please call our 24/7 hotline on 01624 422 488. We’re open 365 days of the year, so you’ll always be able to get help when you need it. With over 60 branches of Rainbow around the UK, we’re bound to have a branch near you.

Published: 21 Dec 2019