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How to Clean Your Patio

How to Clean Your Patio

DIY Garden Maintenance Tips from the Cleaning Specialists

Great British Summer is approaching. Pimm’s is being poured, strawberries sliced, and skin sun-kissed. Summer 2020 is sure to be very different to any in the past, but the simple pleasure of sitting in the sun with your family has never been so appreciated. The only problem is that patios up and down the country are in dire need of a good scrub.

So enjoy the Pimm’s on the patio and get the Rainbow professionals, in but if you are feeling energetic, here is some hints and tips for cleaning your patio yourself…

If you have a pressure washer, cleaning a patio to a usable standard is a fairly easy process that doesn’t require much help bar the instruction manual for the machine. However, if you want to know how to get the best standard of finish, or clean your patio without a pressure washer, we’ve got some helpful tips and tricks.

Step 1: Remove Weeds

Your patio slabs can be as clean as you like but if you’ve got weeds sticking through gaps or around the edges, it’ll never look it’s best. Having weeds can also spread mud and plant residue across your patio as you’re scrubbing.

Removing weeds from the root is important as they’ll simply grow back if you simply chop the leaves. Use your hands, with gloves to avoid prickles and stings, or weed killer for more serious problems.

Step 2: Prepare your Cleaning Solution

Mix Soap/Washing Up Liquid and Warm water together in a large bowl or bucket. Professional cleaning products such as the ones used by Rainbow International’s expert {LINK}blasting cleaning teams are available, but for a DIY job soap and warm water will give you a good finish at very little expense.

Step 3: Apply the Solution

In stages, pour your solution on to the area you want to clean. If you added chemicals or cleaning agents to your solution, it’s worth testing out a small area of your patio and checking for damage before you go too full on.

Step 4: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Brush the solution into the surface, creating a lather. Your choice of brush may depend on the patio’s material as well as what kind of finish you’re after, but a long handled broom or yard brush will do a great job while minimising back pain.

With a bit of hard work and a firm brush, you’ll be able to see the bristles breaking up the grime and dirt lifting from your stones. This will also prevent weeds from reemerging.

Step 5: Rinse off your nice clean patio

Use a hose, or a pressure washer set on wide spread, to rinse away all the lather along with the dirt you’ve lifted. Your patio should now be looking shiny and ready for summer. If you aren’t happy with the results, wait a few hours for the surface to dry and repeat steps 2-4!

Step 6: If This Doesn’t Work, Call The Professionals In…

Even after hours of scrubbing and all of your energy drained on cleaning that patio, and it still doesn’t look like how you hoped it would, call in the professional grime busters at Rainbow International! We’ll breathe life into your dull patio and have it gleaming in no time. Get in contact with us today to get your patio cleaned without all that sweat and stress nonsense.

If you have a larger area to cover, more stubborn dirt to remove, or no time on your hands, then we can help. At Rainbow International, we have teams of specialist cleaners up and down the country, with innovative equipment and expert training; able to assess your situation and know how to clean your patio best.

From large industrial patios to the smallest residential patios. We also supply jet washing and blast cleaning services for specific materials. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Published: 04 Jun 2020