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How An Escape Of Water Can Cause Damage To Your Home

How An Escape Of Water Can Cause Damage To Your Home

Whether it’s from a burst pipe, faulty boiler or even a dodgy dishwasher, an escape of water in the home can spell disaster in more ways than one. That’s why it’s vitally important to take action as quickly as possible to prevent the risk of water damage to your property.

Here, we explain how escape of water damage can come about, and what you can do to protect your home.

What causes an escape of water?

Common causes can range from the obvious to the inconspicuous. Take faulty appliances, for example – an escape of water from the likes of washing machines and dishwashers should be fairly easy to identify. The same goes for botched DIY jobs – if you’ve got a leaky radiator, it’s likely you’ll spot it soon enough.

Hidden leaks, on the other hand, have the potential to cause damage way before they’re even identified. These can come from pipes in the walls, subfloor and other non-readily accessible areas and often occur from wear and tear, blockages or frozen pipes which expand and eventually burst.

How can an escape of water damage my home?

A large water leak can easily spread and ruin any personal belongings in its path. Here, buildings and contents insurance becomes invaluable, allowing you to claim for water damage. Collections of water can also lead to staining on walls and ceilings as well as mould, presenting serious health hazards.

When left over time, water leaks can even saturate wood, fittings and flooring. This can result in potentially costly structural damage, affecting the safety and integrity of your home.

How can I protect my home from escape of water damage?

Preventative measures include insulating exposed pipes, upgrading worn-out appliances, controlling temperature and installing leak protection systems. But should the worst happen and you suffer an escape of water, we advise you to check your home insurance policy is covered for such occurrences.
For those less obvious leaks, trace and access cover is particularly useful. This will cover the costs of a leak detection service, along with the restoration of any damage caused by having to expose the source of the leak.

How Rainbow International can help

Following the water leak detection process, it may become clear that the escape of water you’ve suffered has left some damage. At Rainbow International, we understand how disruptive, unhygienic and unsightly this can be. That’s why our skilled technicians are on hand to dry and restore your property to its pre-incident condition, quickly and efficiently.
With over 25 years of experience in this area, secondary damage is not a concern – and we pride ourselves on ensuring minimal disruption to our customers. Find out more about how our water damage restoration service could help you.

Escape of Water: Frequently asked questions

Where should I check for an escape of water?

Key areas include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Ceiling
  • Appliances
  • Boiler
  • Pipes

What should I do if I have an escape of water?

Turn off your water supply and contact your home or buildings insurance provider to see if you can make an escape of water claim. Then, call a specialist cleaning and restoration company like Rainbow to assess the damage and outline your next steps. We offer an emergency 24-hour call-out service if necessary.

Is an escape of water the same as flooding?

From an insurance company perspective, escape of water is defined by events that occur inside the home. Flooding, on the other hand, is defined by events that occur outside the home.

Published: 29 Jan 2022